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    Logitech MX518 Optical Gaming Mouse

    Am I the only one who think MX518 looks UGLY?
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    Need router to connect desktop and tablet

    G router is good enough for your needs. Choose from Linksys, Netgear or Belkin (in that order of preference). Since I have worked for linksys in the past, obviously, I'm biased. ;) A few months ago, I bought a Linksys WRT120N from ebay for 1700 INR including the shipping. Very satisfied with...
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    Comic Book on Steve Jobs !!

    Thanks for the link. :smile:
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    Mac or Windows notebook?

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    Favourite PDF reader

    I use Skim on my Macbook Pro.
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    Dual Screen Laptops are Here

    Agreed. Typing, is going to be a nightmare on one such laptop. Seriously, good old tactile feedback is going out of fashion or what!
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    Lightweight laptop with good performance under 65k

    To each, his own. That's all I'll say. Its actual price is 70k but after I showed them my sister's college ID, I got 6% student discount. Cost me Rs.65,700. I bought it at Imagine store Noida sector 18. Apparently they are Apple premium resellers (whatever that means!). I've heard that...
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    Lightweight laptop with good performance under 65k

    Last month, I finally made the switch from Windows to Mac when I bought 13" Macbook Pro(i5 2.3GHz, 4GB 1333 MHz). Couldn't be happier with the decision. The battery life easily lasts upto 8 hours under normal operation, and even more if I lower the brightness when i really need to. OSX is a...
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    Before They Spoiled the Software - 13 app we liked better before they were "improved"

    in addition to the above mentioned softwares- # cyberlink power dvd
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    disk partition problem

    partition magic is a piece of crap. cant be trusted. would prefer repartitioning manually anyday.
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    Can't save plz

    @slugger give me the profile link of the person whose image u want and i'll give u the proper link to save the image
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    Can't save plz

    this is because orkut overlaps the display image with a transparent gif image. so when u try to save it, all u get is that transparent image. the solution is simple.just look into the source code of that page and locate the url of desired image. e.g.- if ur looking at the profile...
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    check this out [ orkut]

    earlier, there was a script, which allowed u to add more than 1000 frnds. but now, orkut has blocked it. so now, u cant do it.
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    Must NOT Watch Movies Thread V1: Personal Opinions

    yes, some scenes may induce vomiting, but it was a cool movie! i almost fell off my chair, laughing!
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    wordweb is best
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    is it safe to store exe file without ziping them

    yes its a wise move to store them as zipped or rar files. coz sometimes if ur pc gets infected with a virus, it also infects setup files. but zipping them adds protection.
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    My pc turns on when i switch on ups?

    just make sure that ur pc power switch isnt stuck. sometimes, it happens that the power switch gets stuck in 'on' position and everytime u turn on the ups, pc boots up.
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