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  1. thetechfreak

    Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition

    @Cyberghost Nah I'm good. Funny they still quietly trying to release this again.
  2. thetechfreak

    The Mutual Funds Investment Thread

    Main issue of buying from AMC direct is KYC has to be done separately every time
  3. thetechfreak

    Instagram cache not clearing?

    no you can't limit it. JJust use a cache cleaner regularly.
  4. thetechfreak

    VPS discussion

    Remember the time when our TDF gang had that leaseweb server and one fine day it was completely wiped with no backup. The company also claimed it wasn't their fault and all data was lost. Those were the days
  5. thetechfreak

    All laptop related queries here!!!

    Price and availability. Models are few and far in between with pricing not the most attractive. ASUS for example has models all over the range. Same for HP and lenovo. Also, not sure how good Dell service is. Heard some bad stories back in the day
  6. thetechfreak

    Xenforo Feedback Thread

    @omega44-xt Yeah, that also works. Another good solution. Current one is bad
  7. thetechfreak

    Xenforo Feedback Thread

    Can pinned threads have a different highlight in the threads list. The small pins are barely noticeable.
  8. thetechfreak

    LastPass security incident

    Been using Bitwarden after lastpass was acquired by LogMeIn. Not surprised to be honest. Glad I made the switch. Incase, anyone still hasn't switched, I hope you switch over
  9. thetechfreak

    The Mutual Funds Investment Thread

    Normally yeah but zerodha its hard (as they used to store in demat form). Not exactly sure how Kite is doing it these days.
  10. thetechfreak

    The Mutual Funds Investment Thread

    Kuvera is one of the better ones for MFs. Zerodha was my goto but the new SEBI changes screwed them.
  11. thetechfreak

    Mental health to be covered under health insurance from 31st October 2022 in India

    Very good news, but I doubt most insurance companies will actually cover you. They'll somehow find a way to weasel out for sure.
  12. thetechfreak

    The Mutual Funds Investment Thread

    I don't want to put my money in a bank with the name "Mauritius" in the title irrespective of RBI policy
  13. thetechfreak

    Post your Speedtest results

    much better
  14. thetechfreak

    Post your Speedtest results

    Try with LAN connection and send a pic also
  15. thetechfreak

    Need for Speed Unbound

    I'd rather keep playing Forza. Hard pass on this MTX ridden company
  16. thetechfreak

    GPU NEWS Channel

    * So here goes
  17. thetechfreak

    Is it possible to repair iPad 5th generation?

    Could cost 5-10k if the inside glass is damaged. Take it to an apple authorized center for a quote.
  18. thetechfreak

    Screenshots Channel (56K warning)

    nono, highlight from FIFA 22 when I took a free kick.
  19. thetechfreak

    Screenshots Channel (56K warning)

  20. thetechfreak

    Windows 7 getting Corrupt Every 6 Months ? Solution ?

    I didn't read the whole thread, any particular reason you haven't updated to Windows 10 ? Most corporate software and drivers are succesfully ported to windows 10 now. It's a very stable OS.
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