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  1. phreak0ut

    Call for unofficial Thinkdigit Bangalore Meet (Nov 7th or 8th)

    Amar, I'm attending the Windows launch party myself. Guys, if you are interested, you can make it today. Sorry, I can't come tomorrow :(
  2. phreak0ut

    Call for unofficial Thinkdigit Bangalore Meet (Nov 7th or 8th)

    So, everyone meeting up or what?? ;)
  3. phreak0ut

    Call for unofficial Thinkdigit Bangalore Meet (Nov 7th or 8th)

    Got an idea! How about meeting at the Windows 7 party?? I've already registered at Mera Windows who is organizing the party at Malleshwaram. You guys game for it?
  4. phreak0ut

    10 reasons Ubuntu 9.10 will be a game changer for business

    Read the rest of the story here Not sure how much of a hit Ubuntu is on the server end, but it sure is ruling the desktops
  5. phreak0ut

    Call for unofficial Thinkdigit Bangalore Meet (Nov 7th or 8th)

    I'm ok with Saturday, can't make it on Sunday.
  6. phreak0ut

    edit dns Important changes

    I use OpenDNS
  7. phreak0ut

    Fastrack or Ray-Ban?

    Exactly! I've tried out my dad's Aviator and it sucks on me! Too big for my face. I love 'em though. BTW, slightly stretched my budget to 3k so that I can get a decent pair of shades. Will go scouting around for the mini aviators and the best of the predators :D
  8. phreak0ut

    Fastrack or Ray-Ban?

    Hey asigh. Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I had gone to an optical store today evening and checked out the range of shades in Ray-Ban. They had very limited models and they have priced it as their wish. Looters! Just wanted to check out the local models. Just put on one and could immediately...
  9. phreak0ut

    Fastrack or Ray-Ban?

    This question has been dogging me for a really long time now. There are both pros and cons of the brand which I've seen till now which is making me hard to decide. Fastrack Pros: Funky styles, affordable Cons: Most of the models look very similar to each other, read some reviews that the...
  10. phreak0ut

    DEMONOID.not working.

    But still valid?? I'm not able to open demonoid :(
  11. phreak0ut

    Best free online radio?

    @Kalpik-Created an account in Grooveshark. It's awesome! Mind sharing your playlist? :D @rkarthea-I thought Shoutcast worked only through Winamp. Thanks for the info. Will check it out. @devil-I don't want to install any applications. Only through browser or the default WMP.
  12. phreak0ut

    Best free online radio?

    I'm on the look out for a quality online radio site. I don't mind listening only to songs, but I would prefer RJs talking sometime. The site should be completely free. Registered at, but I can't pay $3 monthly. So, I'm off it for now. There should not be any kind of application(like...
  13. phreak0ut

    HP India returns money for 2 year old laptop

    Yup! I remember your case. That's when I stumbled upon your apps as well ;) This case shows that if you are persistent enough, even the biggies will bow down to you. Good job Koshy.
  14. phreak0ut

    Yahoo Mail still king as Gmail lurks

    <sarcasm>Gimme SPAM FREE inbox, speed and a highly easy to use yahoo and i'll switch back to Yahoo!</sarcasm> :D
  15. phreak0ut

    Linux Mint 7 released!

    The look is the same since 5.x :(
  16. phreak0ut

    AMD64 packages not installing!

    You can install the 64-bit version if its a 64-bit processor. So, Intel or AMD, 64-bit should work fine.
  17. phreak0ut

    Do people still use fountain pens?

    @MHG-What's the difference between those models?? I've used a Hero pen for a long time, but never found out the difference. @Nucleus-Parker pens are known for it's smoothness...... and thick lines while writing. Never took a liking for it :D
  18. phreak0ut

    Restructuring Network in Office! (This is big)

    @rollcage-W2k8 is great and is a good investment, if you can invest in it * * I guess you can afford for a 5 client Standard edition. Just make sure you configure properly and...
  19. phreak0ut

    Urgent:Hard disk crashed

    @rhitwick-harish posted in late unfortunately. I've used @Active file recovery with 99% success rate. Too bad you blew your fuse. The first thing when you are looking out to recover data from a dying/almost dead HD, is pull the plug. Only when you are sure that you have the best recovery...
  20. phreak0ut

    Search feature broken?

    @MetalHead-I do that by default, no special advice please :D @CJ-Hmmm... thanks
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