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  1. aadipa

    Piston 3 vs KZ ED8m vs KZ ED9

    Consider Cowon EK2. Using for more than year now, I found very balanced and true sound from these. Not at all bass heavy, mic and controls also helps. @1250, good buy.
  2. aadipa

    suggestion to buy LCD tv in the range of 25k to 35k

    I think I am bit late on this. I have recently purchased LG Jazz (32LG80FR). The USB works great for DivX/Xvid videos (max supported res. 720x576). I have even tried to connect mobile phone in mass storage mode and it works perfectly. Picture quality is good and sound is one of the best in LCDs...
  3. aadipa

    Post your latest Purchase

    AMD X3 8450 + Gigabyte 780G = 9800 GSkill 2GB DDR2 = 2300 Seagate 500GB = 2950 Maxtor 160GB USB HDD = 3300 All from Prime ABGB. No graphics card as PC is for home use, not much of gaming (I still play older games, Q3A and original UT), just net surfing, and movies.
  4. aadipa

    I had to buy a digiCam.

    I think SX 100 IS is really good. I would suggest buying from JJ Mehta, direct or online.
  5. aadipa

    AMD Quad core processors suitable Motherboad???

    You can go for AMD 790GX based boards that are coming to market.
  6. aadipa

    Post your latest Purchase

    Can you tell me where did you made this purchase? I am also looking for same model.
  7. aadipa

    Post your latest Purchase

    Sony DSC-H50 + 2GB M2 Card + Screen Guard + Camera Bag 3 Years warranty from Sony India on camera. @ Rs 20250 from Sound Out, Heera Panna, Mumbai. * Purchased about 3 weeks back.
  8. aadipa

    Selling: Graphics card, Sound card

    A dedicated GPU like 5200 will be good boost to ur system compared to onboard 845, but don't expect it to run todays games.. Anyway ur CPU will be first bottleneck in that case than graphics. I don't think soundcard will make much difference though..
  9. aadipa

    Best J2ME IDE

    Sorry for a late reply. You can use netbeans as it provides lot of things in the mobility pack. But I am more comfortable with Eclipse with EclipseME plugin. Also EclipseME which was and individual effort is now being developed as Mobile Tools for Java by the team lead by Motorola, Nokia...
  10. aadipa

    Is der anyway to kill a process at startup??..

    HijackThis log pls..
  11. aadipa

    any digi cam price within 6.5k

    Canon A460 Costs Rs 6K with 1GB card @ JJ Mehta, Mumbai
  12. aadipa

    FS: ASUS SATA DVD Writer (DRW-2014L1T)

    Drive Sold A friend took it the purchase price. @Mods Please lock the thread.
  13. aadipa

    Post your latest Purchase

    Re: Post what you purchased. Took this for a friend. AMD Athlon X2 4800+ -- 3500 Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H -- 5400 2 GB Transcend 800Mhz -- 1650 WD 320 GB SATA -- 3150 CoolerMaster 460W -- 1900 CoolerMaster 331 -- 1900 DLink 502T -- 1300 Logitech Multimedia Combo -- 700 @ PrimeABGB
  14. aadipa

    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    finally found it @ PrimeABGB
  15. aadipa

    new gamin PC config

    i fail to understand why are you settling on SBS 370 only?? I think you should go for Logitech X-540 if gaming is on your mind.
  16. aadipa

    Pre-Order Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Edubuntu 8.04 LTS CDs Now

    Well then you are not aware to what happened to me (and some others) few years back. I had ordered 30 Ubuntu CDs (1 Live + 1 Installer) for my classmates. After few weeks I got a letter from Customs Department to come and collect the parcel after paying custom duty. They asked me to play about...
  17. aadipa

    Disable registry editor

    No Reg Edit Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System] "DisableRegistryTools"=dword:00000001 Allow Reg Edit Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00...
  18. aadipa

    Image Editing (Resizing) Program?

    1 more vote for Microsoft Image Resizer Powertoy. I use it a lot to resize my photos from Sony H1 before posting them. ;)
  19. aadipa

    5.1 Speakers dilemma...

    Check this thread.
  20. aadipa

    Is any thing wrong whith the hard disk?????

    If it is 160GB disk then actual size must be around 148~149GB. Manufacturers take 160GB = 160,000,000,000.
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