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  1. hellrider

    The Starcraft II Thread

    But it won't fill you in with Brood War stuff! Only the manual which comes in with the retail version has complete story.
  2. hellrider

    The Starcraft II Thread

    Having a blast with this game. Each mission is unique and offers fresh gameplay. Achievement system is one of the best part about, makes me go back to previously played missions to earn new achievements.
  3. hellrider

    Game You are Currently Addicted to

    Having a blast with Starcraft 2! :-)
  4. hellrider

    Sennheiser CX-300 for only Rs. 1499 at

    Got this ear phone for Rs.1450 in Chroma, Bangalore today!
  5. hellrider

    Assassin's Creed System Requirements Official

    Yeah.. pathetic port, engine demands more resources than Crysis does!!
  6. hellrider

    C&C3: Tiberium Wars IGN review

    I hope it'll be Diablo3 or SC2, or even Warcraft 4(RTS)!!
  7. hellrider

    deus ex invisible war on intel 845 using 3d analyser

    I believe u need to enable 1.1 shaders, as Deus Ex IW needs it!!
  8. hellrider

    Cant run The Chronicles Of Riddick: EFBB

    Get urself a Version 1.1 patch for this game and install it. This will work!!
  9. hellrider

    Rainbow Six Vegas (PC) ... Possibly the Best FPS of this year on PC

    Well... I must say my 6600GT is handling this game pretty well, I am getting decent frame rates in mid-high settings in 800x600, and game looks damn good!!
  10. hellrider

    graphics card

    There r two versions of 7300GT, with both GDDR2 and GDDR3 versions.. the performance is like this 7300GT GDDR2 < 6600GT < 7300GT GDDR3 DDR3 version of 7300GT is little difficult to find in India.. so if u wont get that version, better opt for 6600GT!!
  11. hellrider

    Just finished PREY..Suggest next..

    Play Farcry with 1.4 patch, it still looks gorgeous with HDR enabled.. also u can play Half-Life 2!!
  12. hellrider

    Hey Guys Think U can get piracy on blue ray discs

    Introduction of Bluray in PS3 is one of the most aggressive move by Sony I believe, Currently now allmost 400,000 of PS3 consoles have sold, that means 400,000 of Bluray's, & I believe only 10% of that number will be having HD-DVD players. And all the PS 3 owners will opt for Bluray movies as...
  13. hellrider

    PREY is'nt that bad after all

    Best site to find abt game's score is, it considers the scores from all gaming sites & averages them.. so u'll get clear picture abt the game. For Prey the average score is abt 78%, not bad at all!! In fact, to tell the truth I enjoyed the game very much.. but one thing...
  14. hellrider

    splinter cell chaos theory caching pixel shader loading time

    Yeah.. system requirements for SCDA is very very lame... one of most of highly demanding min requirements ever!! I believe the min requirements for this one is more severe than upcomming Crysis LoL.. & game looks dull graphically wen compared against to SC:CT.. this one's a fine example of...
  15. hellrider

    PREY is'nt that bad after all

    Similar is the Prey's storyline.. But I can't understand this.. why all Doom 3 engine based games has monsters in it!!
  16. hellrider

    Best Game Publishes

    Ubisoft for POP series & Farcry Eidos for Thief and Hitman series Sierra for Halflife 1 & 2 Rockstar for GTA EA for NFS Activision for COD series
  17. hellrider

    splinter cell chaos theory caching pixel shader loading time

    Don't worry abt that dude, wen SM 3.0 is enabled SC:CT looks gorgeous, and way better than buggy SCDA!!
  18. hellrider

    Critical bug hits Windows Media Player

    Nothing from MS is safe or secured!!
  19. hellrider

    EA or Ubisoft

    Well I used to like Ubi, now I started to hate Ubi for releasing bugridden games lately. One of 'em is SCDA.. still can't understand how can they mess up with such a big franchise. My 1500 bucks got wasted here.. I can't hear any ingame sounds here & Ubi is still haven't bothered to fix it. With...
  20. hellrider

    I cant run NFS Carbon DEMO On PC Why

    U need atleast SM 2.0 capable GPU to play this game!!
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