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  1. Cyclone

    Game You are Currently Addicted to

    Grrrrrrrrrrrimmmm Fandangoooooooooo!!!!!!! :-D
  2. Cyclone

    Games u have completed..!!!

    :rolleyes: I am not a hardcore gamer, just 4-5 hours a week for time-pass. There, doesn't that sound much better? :D Uhm, I used to play a lot on my old AMD K6 10 years back, and then later on my P4. lets see.... Jane's IAF Jane's USAF Jane's 688(I) Hunter/Killer Microsoft Flight...
  3. Cyclone

    Curfew in Goa town after Muslim boy teases Hindu girl

    "A newspaper exists to sell itself."
  4. Cyclone

    All laptop related queries here!!!

    Nope, vizag. Really good laptop, and don't listen to anything your dealer tells you about it being not popular or whatever (they probably get a bigger quota when they sell c2ds, i dunno), this laptop is good. Vista works fine, and I've just installed gutsy too. Some guy called Yash's posted a...
  5. Cyclone

    All laptop related queries here!!!

    Compaq V3749AU - X2 Turion TL-60 2.0 ghz, 2GB Ram, Nvidia 7150 graphics (~700MB total), wireless, bluetooth, wifi, web-cam, 14.1" screen, etcetra, etcetra. 35k. Bought it last evening. Very neat.
  6. Cyclone

    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    Compaq V3749AU, 34.5k after a whole lotta bargaining. Vizag.
  7. Cyclone

    Post your latest Purchase

    Re: Post what you purchased. Yo! Just bought a Compaq V3749AU for 34.5k. Mean bargain. No additional freebies, though :( Haven't had a chance to touch it yet, kid sister's keeping it busy. How many dvd's will i need to make a recovery set? Planning on installing Hardy Heron. Any issues I...
  8. Cyclone

    Compaq - Presario V6608AU

    Right....any idea how much I can haggle the 3702au for? With an upgrade to 2GB ram, ofcourse...
  9. Cyclone

    Compaq - Presario V6608AU

    Are you sure? And here I was thinking a Turion+Nvidia7150 is better for gaming than a basic C2D+X3100...didn't someone in the forum mention that the 7150 is the best onboard graphics card?
  10. Cyclone

    Compaq - Presario V6608AU

    If I'm unable to find the 6608, could you recommend another suitable model? Preferably with a Turion+nVidia combo, and under 33k.
  11. Cyclone

    Compaq - Presario V6608AU

    Yep....V3749.....buggers here are quoting 34.5 for the 1 gb version.....
  12. Cyclone

    Games! Games! Games!

    soldier of fortune
  13. Cyclone

    Compaq - Presario V6608AU

    Since the v6608's been discontinued, how low can i expect to get it for? What would a good bargain price for this laptop be? With 2gb ram, preferably...
  14. Cyclone

    wanna get a new laptop

    Not the Compaq V37xx/V6608au with Nvidia 7150 and X2 Turion? Won't that be more powerful, especially for gaming, compared to the C2D 5250 or 5450 with X3100?
  15. Cyclone

    Man running naked in brisbane odi

    Ow!!! Clothesline!!! Man, that must've hurt! They probably took him to jail via the hospital!!!
  16. Cyclone

    Price of blank DVD media

    20-30 bucks, in my college! ;-)
  17. Cyclone

    Please recommend me laptop for 32k

    * Budget-constrained -> stick with AMD. An AMD T58 with nVidia 7150 probably should scare a bottom-of-the-list Intel with onboard gfx, and burn your pocket less too...
  18. Cyclone

    Transcend T-sonic mp2 players

    Yes it does- last sem-break I picked up a charger for it, just Rs.100, and it works like a charm. Head down to your local tech-store, and lose the portability headache ;-)
  19. Cyclone

    Transcend T-sonic mp2 players

    I picked up the 610 last summer, and I must say i'm pretty impressed with it. Excellent vfm - bought the 2GB version for 3.2k (w/o warranty). Its got great playback, a bright display, and though its not too fancy to look at compared to an ipod, it grows on you. The bundled earphones aren't bad...
  20. Cyclone

    Please recommend me laptop for 32k

    @ Joey: IMO the V6608AU is a better buy, not only is it feature-rich and excellent VFM, but also the Acer's plasticky look is a real turn-off. But then, maybe thats just me ;-)
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