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  1. anilmail17

    Email Account in SPAM Mailers list

    Actually your gmail mailling address is marked as spammed in the mailbox so to unmark your id open any of ur mail from spam folder and there should be a button "Not a spam" in action button list or as a single button. Click on that button and from then on your mails will never marked as spam...
  2. anilmail17

    Best Internet Broadband Service in India

    The best broadband connection in india is obviously the bsnl 500 plan. superb speed and lowest price.
  3. anilmail17

    DIY: Build your own projector using 15" LCD monitor

    may be it is an off topic but the link is not a broken link. Remove the square bracket at the end of url.
  4. anilmail17

    DIY: Build your own projector using 15" LCD monitor

    Here [*] i have found this tutrorial on lumenlab using which one can create his own projector with a 15" LCD monitor. I am planning to create one for me and want to know the feasibility and avaibility of components in...
  5. anilmail17

    VMware networiking??

    I am running a XP SP2 VM inside vista home premium. I am not able to access my Guest OS (XP SP2) path \\Vm1\C$ from my Host OS (Vista). When i tried to map a network drive a got an error that network path not found. What could be the reason? Another problem i am facing is that my Guest OS is...
  6. anilmail17

    command to connect wifi network in vista

    bcz i am used to do all my task from run dialog box and dont like to mouse often.
  7. anilmail17

    command to connect wifi network in vista

    What is the dos command to connect to a wifi network in vista? I am having Vista Home Premium installed on my machine. Plz help.
  8. anilmail17

    How to increase my broadband speed?

    i think you have BSNL broadband connection and the 500 2AM-8AM UL plan has a download bandwidth of 2mbps (<=256KBps) and the 750UL plan has a constant download bandwidth of 256kbps (<=30KBps). This might be the reason u r getting low downloading speed.
  9. anilmail17

    How 2 operate home appliance using PC...

    There many circuits available on net but iti Involves hardware programming, digital circuits and basic electric device knowledge.
  10. anilmail17


    what are the advatage of installing these firmware over the original firmware??
  11. anilmail17

    Install Recovery Console to Boot menu

    It often happens that something goes wrong with XP and we need to reboot the system using XP bootable and have to repair the XP using the recovery Console. but now we dont need the bootable CD every time you need to repair XP because you can install the recovery console on the harddisk itself...
  12. anilmail17

    how to connect to GPRS on mobile??

    I have N73 phone i need to connect to GPRS using my internet connection. i can connect my phone with my PC using a datacable or bluetooth can anyone plzz tell me the procedure
  13. anilmail17

    Data cable??

    DKU-2 cable do not have a similar male connector for that socket. Can u tell me more about the data cable?? from the screenshot i can see that there is way we can connect the phone PC but which data cable is to be used?? plz tell me hey i have found that the phone support the FBUS protocol n...
  14. anilmail17

    Data cable??

    i have nokia 2626. there is a mini USB like port near the charging socket. Can anyone tell me which datacable i can use to transfer data between phone n PC. thnx in advance
  15. anilmail17

    no reputation points??

    hey i am here after a long time...but now i suprised to see that i dont have my reputation point in my UserCP. Is the repu scheme is now removed from the forum or it is still there but blocked for. I request moderators and admins of this forum to check this and help me plz
  16. anilmail17

    Internet Information Server Needed

    on Xp goto Add\Remove programs in control Panel, click on add remove windows component in the left pane. wait for few seconds till the list gets populated then look for IIS or Internet Information service select it and click next. The installation wizard will ask you for winXP cd, provide the...
  17. anilmail17

    want to schedule my wireless connection

    I want my wireless ad-hoc connection to be disconnected and my WiFi device to be off at a specific time. i am using vista on my compaq presario laptop. Is there any command for this?? i tried rasphone but that is only for dial up connections? plz help me
  18. anilmail17

    Can someone suggest nice strategy games similiar to Age of Empires?

    Red alert 2 is the best strategy ever developed..ultimate game.. my fav
  19. anilmail17

    how to format a disk using fdisk in linux

    i have recently got a acer laptop which shipped with linux shell only now i have deleted that partition using a recovery disk of red hat 4 and now i need to create a FAT32 partion so that i can instal XP on my laptop. when i try to boot using a XP bootable i got a error that no harddisk found...
  20. anilmail17

    best broadband connection in mumbai?

    by unlimited i mean night unlimited plan. i am new in mumbai and before this i was using bsnl's Night unlimited 2AM-8AM for 500rs per month only in jodhpur. Why these bast***** have diffrent plans in different cities? and also heard that its hard to get an MTNL's BB here in mumbai cause there is...
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