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  1. gg_3000

    Home Networking Tips reqd.

    Anynody 2 help me?
  2. gg_3000

    Suggest TV Tuner Card

    PixelView offers several models.. U may be able 2 choose a good one that fits ur budget!
  3. gg_3000

    Home Networking Tips reqd.

    Hi guyz, I hav 2 PCs at my home.. They both hav AMD Athlon 64 processors and running Windows XP with SP2.. Both hav mobo's with onboard Ethernet (100 Mbps) and Firewire Ports (1394 - The Bigger Pin Type).. Additionally i hav a PCI Ethernet card wit me.. I hav BSNL Dataone bb conn.. They hav...
  4. gg_3000

    Should I remove Sata 2 jumper???

    The Hard Disk Temperature is also a cause for concern.. Under higher temperatures, HDDs tend to be slower.. Also, one of my frnd used to say that connecting 2 or more SATA HDD to the mobo will cause decrease in the throughput.. But I dont agree wit it!
  5. gg_3000

    Which portable music player? (1GB under 5K)

    I wish to Correct this.. All iPods (except the Ipod Shuffle) allow u make make playlists on the go.. In fact they r called "On-the-go Playlists".. To add songs to on-the-go list, u can scroll to the song and hold the select/center button for 2 seconds..
  6. gg_3000

    BSNL Dataone usage issues.....

    I want to add 1 more thing.. Chances are that U may also be counting the free time usage.. So, i suggest u download this DataOne Bandwith Monitor from here * In this dialer, u may choose ur plan - Home 500 - and it'll show u everything u need..
  7. gg_3000

    Front USB Probs

    My Config is AMD Athlon64 3200+ on a MSI RS480 M2IL Mobo, 1 Seagate 80GB SATA HDD, 1 Seagate 320GB SATA HDD, 1 GB DDR RAM, LG DVD Writer, Antec Cabinet with Antec 400W SMPS.. My Cabinet has 2 Front USB Ports.. The Problem that I hav been experiencing for past couple of months is that my front...
  8. gg_3000

    Saving flash files

    U'r N91 would hav come with a Macromedia Flash Player.. If not u can get it frm the net and install it!
  9. gg_3000

    Cabinet Fans

    As far my knowledge abt cabinet fans goes, I know that *Rear Fan shud blow the air out *Side and Front Fans bring air into the cabinet Lemme know if i'm right or wrong? But recently i saw a PC in a gaming center in which the side fan was blowing out air from the cabnet.. Is it the right...
  10. gg_3000

    Hard Disc Heating Prob!

    Guys, My config is AMD Athlon 64 3200+, MSI RS480-M2IL Mobo, 2*512GB DDR RAM, 1 80GB Seagate Barracuda 7200 SATA 1 HDD, LG DVD-ROM Drive, 1 250GB Seagate Barracuda 7200 SATA 2 HDD (With a Jumper to make it work as SATA 1, as my mobo doesnt support SATA 2).. I got a Basic Antec Cabinet with 350W...
  11. gg_3000

    AVI Merger?

    Guys, Can any of u suggest me a very good software to megre avi files? I would like to megre the multiple avi files of a movie into a single avi file.. I hav many such movies that exist as 2 or avi files..
  12. gg_3000

    Bootable DVD from ISO Image

    Guys, I have an ISO Image of a Bootable Vista DVD.. I'm able to mount it and view its contents.. After viewing the contents i'm able to confirm that its a bootable image.. When i open the ISO file in WinRAR, I only find a readme text file which says This disc contains a "UDF" file system and...
  13. gg_3000

    Shud i ignore Vista's recomendation?

    Thanx guys for u'r replies.. I hav successfully installed Vista in my 10 GB partition! Then i moved Page File to another partiotion.. Also, before installing other apps, i've moved prog files, temp and common files to another partition! Now There's so much free space.. i dunno wat 2 do wit...
  14. gg_3000

    AOE Games

    Can anybody tell me abt the different versions of Rise of Nations? plz
  15. gg_3000


    I think that there's a software from ULEAD that allows enhancing video.. I'm not sure abt it.. One of my frnds had mentioned abt it.. I dont remember its name.. Also, i'm not sure abt the quality of output!
  16. gg_3000

    Black turned green.

    That was a good One!1:D
  17. gg_3000

    SATA to IDE Convertor ?????

    ya, u r rite! There's no need of a convertor! Any mobo shud definitely support IDE.. Also, there's no such convertor thats available 2day.. I dont think that we would see such a convertor, given the difference in technology between them!
  18. gg_3000

    AOE Games

    Thanx a ton for the info.. Rise of Nations, does it have any expansion packs and any further editions/versions??
  19. gg_3000

    AOE Games

    Guys, I would be greatly happy if any of u could just list me all the games by Ensemle Studios, so far released... Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Conquerors, rise of nations and so on.. How many versions have come so far? wat r the expansion packs available for each games?? I'm planning 2...
  20. gg_3000

    password protect winzip files how to???

    I suggest that u use WinRAR to create .zip or .rar archives.. Its so easy to use and u can easily find the option of password protection!
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