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    [For Sale] Pentium 4 3.06Ghz HT / AMD Athlon x2 4200+ /Athlon XP 1800+ and DDR / DDR2 RAM Modules

    Hello friends.I have these things for immediate sale. All are in prime working condition. You may contact via email/pm if interested. 1. Pentium 4 3.06Ghz HT Processor , Socket LGA. Bought in 2005. Absolute prime condition. Heat sink not available. Rs 650/- + Shipping 2. AMD Athlon x2...
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    How much can I sell my old stuff for?

    I have these three old processors for sale. How much should I expect ? 1. AMD Athlon X2 4000+ Socket AM2/AM2+ 2. Pentium 4 Ht 3.06 Ghz Socket LGA 3. AMD Athlon XP 1800+ Throughbred
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    Must Have Apps for my new Android phone..First time User

    My 5 cents 1. Keyboard replacement : Swiftkey3 2. Music Player : Poweramp 3. Office : Kingsoft office 4. Dialer : Exdialer 5. Messeging : Go SMS Pro 6. Camera Soft : Camera Zoom Fx 7 Antivirus : Avast 8.Weather : Go weather / Acuweather + Usual softwares such as Chrome , Onavo counter , Adobe...
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    Micromax A110 SuperFone Canvas 2 5″ IPS display dual-core Android 4.0 launching Oct

    Bought Spice Mi 500 3 days ago... what a phone man !!!! Great buy I must say ...Probably the only ICS device that lasts 2 full days on a single charge.
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    Minor mid life upgrade ~ Help Needed !

    Ok guys's an update ! I've decided to beef up a bit for the speakers. I am going for Creative T6100 5.1 speaker system . Samsung SH 223 C seems to be the most widely suggested DVD writer so I am goting for it too ! __________________________ Now I am really confused about the All...
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    Minor mid life upgrade ~ Help Needed !

    Guys ... I need your help ! My old PC needs some minor upgrades (Or should I say replacements )as some of the components are showing the signs reaching End of life. My PC usage has resorted to only using Internet and make power point presentations with occassional movie after getting my job so...
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    XFX 8600GT 256MB DDR3_2years 2months warranty left.

    Seriously...A new one costs around 3k for xfx and around 2.8k for palit...and you r asking 2.8k+ shipping for a 2yr 2 month old card ???????? Reduce ur price by at least 1k one is going to buy for that much price !! If you can offer it for 1.5k..give me a call..I am from kolkata !
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    [Kolkata Only] Techcom internal TV tuner card !

    I live at north kolkata nd my offce is in south kolkata ! ----------------------------------------- Posted again: ----------------------------------------- I live at north kolkata nd my offce is in south kolkata !
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    FS : Techcom SSD-TV-670 Internal TV Tuner

    I have one year old Internal tv tuver for sale. Its in perfect condition and with all accessories that came with it. It is out of warranty though. People form kolkata can pick it up from me . In that case shipping charges can be saved ! PRICE : Rs 400 + Shipping at actuals ! (Not...
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    Going to kill someone ? Do not forget to take railway ticket !

    No need of that. Just made him read his own chargesheet thrice.....he will die off boredom !
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    [Kolkata Only] Techcom internal TV tuner card !

    Guys..thanks for the offers. But I dont want to ship it simply because nothing much will be left for me after deducting the shipping cost. Seriously ..the box is about 1.2kg in weight with all papers,cd and cables included. So I have to pay for the whole 1.5kg slab. and at current rate ..the...
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    [Kolkata Only] Techcom internal TV tuner card !

    ^^Sorry ! Not good enough for me !
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    Download SevenVG Refresh Theme with Superbar for Windows XP

    wooowww....can we have the same for vista sp1/sp2 plzzz ??>>>?????
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    ONGC largest deployer of Windows Vista in Asia

    I am using vista for last one never let me down.Not a single virus attack..not a single crash !!! I love vista...and I am proud of using it !
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    20 Percent discount on BSNL Broadband - For Govt / Ex. Govt employees only

    I am a serving employee of State Bank of India I eligible for this offer ?
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    Sony DVD writer

    1year old writer fr 1200 ??? you must be mad dude ! A new one costs around 1.1k...price it around rs 500 if you really want to sell it
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    FS - FX 5200 agp

    ohhh..common guys.... stop fighting. 560 is a honest price i guess...leave this thread for buyers
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    Virus not gone....even after fresh Vista Install

    ^^ Boot time scan may not treat the virus completely because the hdd is already mounted. Try Kaspersky rescue disk..its worth every penny ! I think your problem will be solved !
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    Epson CX1500 drivers for vista

    cx 1500 works fine with xp drivers in vista. Just force install the xp drivers you have.It will work open up device manager. Right click on the printer...browse to the xp driver directory...the drivers will be picked up and installed.
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