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  1. Crazy Kidd

    SE K550i - No Zoom

    I've purchased a Se K550i. But in 2MP mode it doesn't allow you to zoom. Now I did know it. But heard that in some models (with diff firmware version) it is allowed. Wanted to chk if I heard right. Any way thanks. It feels good to be back in Digit Forum after six months...
  2. Crazy Kidd

    ==>Airtel Nop User Come Here<==

    Hey there was no file size limi when I used NOP. I used to download Songs on my mobile. Even from Its used to work perfectly. However I used to do that two months back. Don't know ifthey have imposed any limit now. Can anyone confirm this.
  3. Crazy Kidd

    Laptop Blues !!!!

    Yup. Have to buy from site if you want to customize your lappy. And you'll get on site world wide warranty. And its damn good. usually it takes next business day.
  4. Crazy Kidd

    Laptop Blues !!!!

    Well I have never faced overheating issue with Dell. And now a days every lappy heats up due to advanced processor and other stuffs. Actually I'm also buying one this month. Goto Dell India site and configure your own lappy. Its cool.
  5. Crazy Kidd

    Suggest me a PDA

    Specify your needs and budget. And P990 is indeed a good choice. But its slightly bulky.
  6. Crazy Kidd

    Laptop Blues !!!!

    Dell XPS 1210. Its the best. But since you want a 15" lappy i suggest you go for a customized Dell Inspiron 6400. You'll never regret buying that one.
  7. Crazy Kidd


    Well not exactly. But you can follow this trick. Connect your phone to PC using the data cable and Motorola Phone Tools. Then when you get the main window with your phone pic and panel leave your phone idle for some time. After some time you can see a flashing envelop. Click on it. It will...
  8. Crazy Kidd

    Need a phone ....

    Motorola V3i should cost you 8500-8700. And its the best option for you. And since its slim and sexy your sis will definitely love it.
  9. Crazy Kidd

    applications for mobile

    Well this isn't over yet alsi. You have given flames to a bomb and it will blast soon. Just wait.
  10. Crazy Kidd

    Any SE user using aac music files?

    I use ACC on my K800i. Its quality is better than MP3. And I use iTunes to convet them. As you can see I'm not saying anything new. Just added another vote for ACC. Go for ACC and see the difference.
  11. Crazy Kidd

    ipod or se 810i???

    iPOD vs W810i. The price is not comparable. Not to mention they are in diff. league. My choice buy a W900i.
  12. Crazy Kidd

    iTunes on SE k750

    Hmm. iTues on K750i. Steve Jobs gonna kill you man. But nice one. Have you tried it yourself. Need more feedback on this topic.
  13. Crazy Kidd

    SUGGESTIONS: Mobile Connection Needed for Roaming

    Please don't forget about Airtel dude. Take a look at that too.
  14. Crazy Kidd

    nokia priorty deler

    Contact Nokia from their site.They can help you. Else you can visit any nokia Priority dealer and ask them for details.
  15. Crazy Kidd

    applications for mobile

    Well not exactly. If you look at other features then they can beat Nokia hands down with their technology and quality. But in case of application Nokia have the edge. And put one thing in mind no phone is ultimate. Everything has some advantages and some disadvantages. Now its up to the user or...
  16. Crazy Kidd

    Need a phone ....

    Only phone that matches your needs is Motorola V3i. But may cost you a little more. Just a little. But its the coolest
  17. Crazy Kidd

    Mobile as webcam....

    Any feedback on the apps.
  18. Crazy Kidd

    mobile websites

    For wallpapers themes and tones - For mobile applications - For latest hindi and desi tones - Also check - And if you want to do it via WAP then try -
  19. Crazy Kidd

    pls suggest a mobile for 15000 with all the features......

    Yup Sony Ericsson only support JAVA applications. And you can't get big JAVA apps like you can find in SIS apps. So if S/w is your concern then go for Nokia. And among the models go for N70 ME. It has a good reputation. Also take a look at N72. I'm not sure about the quality of the phone but I...
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