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    Official OnePlus One Discussion Thread

    I've sent you a PM. Thanks.
  2. ECE0105

    Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 Review

    Got myself a white one too. Yesterday. 36.9k in Bengaluru. Haven't tried out all those Synthetic Benchmarks, but yeah, I am dissapointed with the Lag in the Touchwiz, specially since this is mentioned as the Best SmartPhone money can buy right now, by several of the geek sites... I'm a first...
  3. ECE0105

    Dataone usage checking site not working

    Me not having a Portal ID either. Using Dataone since May 2005. The site seems to be down since more than a week.
  4. ECE0105

    chines i9+++ any reviews?

    I would suggest you to steer clear of these chinese phones. In the same budget, you can get a Nokia 2700 or a Nokia 7210 for a few hundreds more. Java support, GPRS, Good build quality.
  5. ECE0105

    best digital camera " under 7k "

    Go for the Canon A480 if it is in your budget. Kodak is cheap, but don't know the quality. Using a Samsung ES15 since 6 months, and only issue with it is the battery consumption. ES55 is just a Li-Ion Battery variant. Rest of the specs are same for both cameras.
  6. ECE0105

    Is UR NOKIA geniune??

    It seems fake... My old Nokia 1600 shows 01 , but the sticker inside the battery compartment and the box states that it is "Made in India".
  7. ECE0105

    need camera within 5-6k

    Try Samsung ES10 or ES15.. Or I guess Kodak also has some models in that price range..
  8. ECE0105

    Nokia 3110c Problem : Music Player & Phone Memory not functioning

    Reinstall the Firmware... But make sure, you have a reliable internet connection and power.
  9. ECE0105

    Does Nokia Care About Firmware Updates For India

    Which foreign MNC does really care about India? When they can't give us decent quality for the stuff they sell, firmware updates are out of question.
  10. ECE0105

    Stay AWAY from TATA Docomo

    1) Totally agree. I was able to make successful calls only in the first week. 2) Agree again. 3) I am not sure, cos I've never been able to speak to these DoCoMo Customer Care Guys.
  11. ECE0105

    regarding pendrive !

    The Filesystem of the Pen drive seems to be dirty... Take a mug full of water and immerse the pendrive in it (u can use Surf Excel) and then try it, it should work ..........
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    Lenovo Laptop...

    The (IBM) Thinkpad Series scores down on looks, but the most rugged Laptop that you can get.... Not so sure about the Lenovo series.
  13. ECE0105

    Shortcommings of LG Samsung

    That was the one I found when I did a search for the latest version of PC Suite from the SE Website. I downloaded that exactly one week ago.
  14. ECE0105

    Shortcommings of LG Samsung

    This is what I found, when I installed SE PC Suite and there are no additional options coming up when I connect a phone.
  15. ECE0105

    Shortcommings of LG Samsung

    The PC Suite for SE Phones is just crap. When you connect in Phone Mode, there are only two options. 1) Synchronize 2) PC Settings And in Data Transfer mode, you've got three options 1) Quicktime 2) Disk2Phone 3)Adobe Photosmart And all these three again have to be installed...
  16. ECE0105

    Moon OS land you on Moon !!

    Looks awesome... ----------------------------------------- Posted again: ----------------------------------------- Looks awesome...
  17. ECE0105

    Which games on my config?

    You can probably try and check out the list of games and see how many of them run on your config....
  18. ECE0105

    R15 RIVAL launching soon (Honda CBR150R)

    rofl India is probably the only place where they can bring in such hideous designs and yet get away with it.....
  19. ECE0105

    I am really frustrated with this so called News Channel!!!

    You guy's have probably never heard of TV9 (News Channel that telecasts in Telugu, Kannada and Gujarati (I guess) ) Gives India TV a very tough competition....
  20. ECE0105

    Low end budget PC for net surfing

    ^ ^ Check this out *
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