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    IEM for ~2k

    Why not buy Tennmak Pro, it is way better than ATE and is clear upgrade keeping the exact sound signature.
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    Another "Need Suggestion" thread for IEMs around ~7k

    Also do add FIDUE A73 to the list.
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    Need help for Choosing Cables

    There will be no difference at all in upgrading the cable, if you want to upgrade so upgrade your source i.e., DAC.
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    What is the neutral in-ear one can get under 1k?

    Knowledge Zenith ED9 with bronze filter is the most neutral earphone.
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    IEM to wear under helmet

    Buy joyroom jr-e103, better than soundmagic.
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    KZ vs Brainwavz vs Sennheiser. IEM below 1700rs

    HiFiNage offers 1 year of warranty on KZ.
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    Heavy Bass speakers (preferably Genius sw g2.1 3000 speakers)

    For Genius speakers, contact these: Transtek Infoways Pvt Ltd Gala No.2, Noble Industrial, Estate No.1, Navghar, Vasai East,THANE Telephone: 9821170002
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    Need 2.0/2.1 speakers within 20-25k

    It's the best, go for it.
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    Need a new IEM around 2-3k

    VSONIC VSD3 and Popular would be my choice. You can get these at Home page HiFiNage India
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    Best speakers within 7k ? (2.1/2.0)

    Sony D9 is not a natural sounding speakers and same goes to Logitech Z623. Swans M10 has natural sound.
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    Replacement IEM for ~3k

    Audio Technica ATH-CKX9, Klipsch Image S4 and Razer are downright downgrade from the VSD3/VSD3S. So forget about it. RHA S500 has very flat and linear sound signature so this is not what you are looking for. My recommendation would be to get the VSD3 again, else get the T-Peos Popular...
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    Help in selecting a good pair of bookshelf speakers

    Buy Logitech Z623 when your main usage is movies and games and least usage is music.
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    IEM\Headphones Budget 5-6K for Sound Clairity

    RE-400 is another contender here if mids is your priority along with neutral bass and treble. Mid-range of RE400 is the star.
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    IEM\Headphones Budget 5-6K for Sound Clairity

    VSonic VSD5 enough said..... FIDUE A71 Dual Dynamic is also very good, FIDUE A71 is all about mids and bass and polite treble with expansive soundstage whereas VSD5 has a neutral approach and has more bass than GR07 variants which itself doesn't need any introduction. If you can increase your...
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    Piston 3 vs KZ ED8m vs KZ ED9

    Re: (URGENT) Need IEM Within 1k Well, this is what I told you before that you cannot get the kind of bass you are looking for in P3. You should have gone for KZ ED8m. ED8m ain't uncomfortable at all for my ears, its comfortable once I insert these in my ears.
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    Piston 3 vs KZ ED8m vs KZ ED9

    Re: (URGENT) Need IEM Within 1k What are you missing in the P3?
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    Piston 3 vs KZ ED8m vs KZ ED9

    Dear Saurabh if you want good bass and your music is more like bass oriented but not very bass heavy so I think you should go with ED8M, because P3 ain't going to satisfy you if you want bass in an IEM and you will end up being disappointed.
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    Piston 3 vs KZ ED8m vs KZ ED9

    +1 Don't rely on one person's opinion whereas there are 1000's of members at head-fi who just love ED9. I have not heard Pistons 3 but going by joker's opinion there is not a huge difference between P2 and P3 and if it is true so I love ED9 more than P1 and P2. If you like bass so don't...
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    Piston 3 vs KZ ED8m vs KZ ED9

    Re: (URGENT) Need IEM Within 1k Dude, its up to you and sound signature varies from person to person and IEM to IEM. ED9 has been praised a lot at head-fi by many more head-fi'ers who have years of experience in IEMs. Your saying is completely wrong, there are many more trained ears who like...
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    In-ear Headphones under 1000rs??

    Very hard to believe that people here are saying pistons 3 has better build quality then Knowledge Zenith, Knowledge Zenith has metal housings and piston 3 has plastic housing. I am using EDSE, ED8m and ED9 and all these 3 are working like a charm. I also tried the Pistons 2 and did not like it...
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