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  1. devaraj

    yahoo account deletion

    you can do this in much simpler way * thats it
  2. devaraj

    Microsoft warns of 5 "critical" security flaws [ Wed July 12 ]. again & again

    Source * SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday warned of five "critical" security flaws in its Windows operating system and Office...
  3. devaraj

    Murthy to continue as Chief Mentor of Infosys. The Giant still Sustains His Place!

    Source: Infosys Technologies Limited on Wedneday announced its Chairman and Chief Mentor N R Narayana Murthy, who is retiring on August 20 when he turns 60, would serve as the Non-Executive Chairman of the Board and Chief Mentor with effect from August 21. The Board of...
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    Software & Programming: Company Rankings | Find where your Favourite One is?

  5. devaraj

    World's Biggest Military Hack of All time | Britain to Hand over the Hacker to US

    Britain on Thursday approved the extradition a computer expert accused by the United States of perpetrating the world's "biggest military hack of all time." Gary McKinnon was arrested in June last year following charges by U.S. prosecutors that he illegally accessed 97 U.S. government...
  6. devaraj

    First University to Offer Animation Degree in Country

    Source: * Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) has become the first accredited institute in the country to offer a degree course in animation. The university recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Toonskool Advanced Animation...
  7. devaraj

    Cellular Operators Share Thier Towers

    Source : Leaving behind their rivalry, the GSM and CDMA based mobile operators today operationalised the initiative to share infrastructure, a move that would reduce cost and ultimately tariffs for the consumers. As part of that...
  8. devaraj

    Software to help students clear exams

    Source: * ------------------------------------------------------- Blending cybernetics and principles of the 'gurukul' system of education, a new software claims to help an average student crack exams without burning the midnight oil. Named...
  9. devaraj

    Can any one tell me What's wrong with this text

    Small correction in Anarchist post Its a bug that works with 4335 i.e " XXXX XXX XXX XXXXX" in notepad where X may be any thing Thanks anarchist . I didnt look at the problem from your perception, that its a generalised one. Thank you
  10. devaraj

    2,000 join Infosys on a single day

    I agree with you AX3 One more thing. They keep hunting on hunting only in reputed insitutes and colleges where many talented and bright students in other colleges loses the oppportuinity.
  11. devaraj

    Oracle Stopped $115m donation to Harvard University

    Source: * Oracle chief executive Larry Ellison has reversed his decision to donate some $115m to Harvard University following the resignation of the school's president, Larry Summers, an Oracle spokesman said on Tuesday. The decision comes the same week Berkshire...
  12. devaraj

    Windows Attack Code Published in Internet

    Source : *,39024655,39159922,00.htm Computer code that exploits a "critical" vulnerability in Windows has been released on the internet, prompting Microsoft to issue a security advisory. The attack code takes advantage of a flawed Windows routing and remote...
  13. devaraj

    Airplanes With Mobile Phones Support : Soon in Air

    Source: * UK airline BMI will begin trials of satellite-based technology next year that will allow passengers to make in-flight mobile calls and send text messages on board its...
  14. devaraj

    Computer that will read your mind soon

    Source : * A raised eyebrow, quizzical look or a nod of the head are just a few of the facial expressions computers could soon be using to read people’s minds. An “emotionally aware” computer being developed by British and American...
  15. devaraj

    Another Set Back For Microsoft

    Source : Reuters ------------------ Microsoft Corp said on Thursday it will delay the release of its Office 2007 business productivity software to improve product performance in the latest setback for the world's largest software maker. Microsoft said it will now aim for a launch of Office...
  16. devaraj

    Microsoft Announce Vista [vs] Apple Announce Leopard

    Source : * ------------------ Just weeks after Microsoft invited the world to trial Vista, the next version of Windows, Apple’s announced it willl soon be publicly unwrapping its new OS. Known as Leopard - or, more prosaically, version 10.5 - the new OS will be shown off...
  17. devaraj

    TCS to add 30,000 jobs

    Source: Reuters ----------------- Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) will spend Rs 1,300 crore on capital expenditure and add 30,000 new employees to its existing 60,000 workforce this year. TCS grew at 38% for the year and has projected a growth of 28-30% in ’06-07 in line with Nasscom estimates...
  18. devaraj

    Can any one tell me What's wrong with this text

    Hai all If it has been resolved already sorry for my question if not, here is the issue I recently read from an internet article and i tried that one too.. Step1: Open a new notepad file in desktop [ Only Notepad ] Step2: Type in the text " Bush hid the facts " [ without quotes and...
  19. devaraj

    2,000 join Infosys on a single day

    My First Post ---------------------------------------------------------------- 2,000 join Infosys on a single day Surely, it can’t get bigger than this! Infosys Technologies saw 2,000 new recruits reporting for duty for the first time on a single day — June 26. That’s bigger than what most...
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