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  1. mastterofminds

    need similar software

    I need same software as lime wire.IS there any other software with which we can share our files with others.
  2. mastterofminds

    Speaker system

    sare hi vadiya hunde aa giani.
  3. mastterofminds

    Problem in window

    I have install the vista on my pc,now i want to install XP home edition without removing vista, i want both the windows on my pc,but home edition is creating a problem.Is there any solution for it.:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  4. mastterofminds

    Is there any software which remove only song and not music of that song.

  5. mastterofminds

    how to crack the software "sound tap" version 1.25. please help me here

    help me here in cracking this softwre:confused:
  6. mastterofminds

    50 Fun Things To Do During An Exam

    these lines are superb.
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