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  1. toshar

    For Sale! Sapphire R7 260X 2GB

    For Sale Product - Sapphire R7 260x 2GB GDDR5 Graphic Card Expected Price -Rs. 5000 (Five Thousand) Source - Bought it new from Computer Empire, Neheru Place, New Delhi Date - Bought it on 31st December 2014 For - I bought it for playing games like COD, Battlefield, GTA when I use to come...
  2. toshar

    Solid Works Installation Error

    Hello, I didn't find any relatable thread so making a new one. I am trying installing Solidworks 2017 but getting error at the very first. Error - Unable to run solidworks installation manager. Verify that you have access to the directory and permission to run this application. I searched...
  3. toshar

    Call of Duty WW2, Infinity Warfare Crashes (Lockdown Help)

    With nothing to do during this period, I reinstalled almost every game from my library and ended them up playing day and night. Now I have problem with 2 games, COD WW2, COD IW and I guess the issue is related to GPU or its drivers. Config - OS W8, AMD FX6300, Giga GA970A DS3P, R7 260x OC...
  4. toshar

    RAM Upgrade (2014 CPU)

    Greeting, Hope you all doing good during this Lockdown period. Stay Safe, Stay at Home. I am looking for RAM upgrade in my desktop PC mainly for casual gaming. Config - OS W8, AMD FX6300, Giga GA970A DS3P, R7 260x OC 2GB, Hyper 212X, 4gb Kingston HyperX Fury, WD Blue 2Tb + 2TB, 500W CM PSU...