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    Best app for video editing for android ????

    Edit on pc or phone? If on pc, you try Product Proshow Gold or Ulead VideoStudio On phone, you try VivaVideo or Video Editor Have fun
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    Find action game

    Thank you, i will try it :love_NF:
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    Find action game

    Hi, I have plenty of free time, Im loking for the action game for my device, Samsung Galaxy S5. Do you have any suggession??? Thanks
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    Suggestion for mobile promotion?

    Social media: facebook, G+, twitter, youtube,... The forum to talk about application...
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    Best android music player app (free)

    Yeah, I'm sorry, it not free:sad_NF:
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    Android: App for locking apps?

    I'm using AppLock, you can try and i think you will like it
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    Best android music player app (free)

    I use Poweramp Music Player. It very nice
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