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    TV Monitor

    I need to by a TV which can also double up as a monitor, need suggestions.
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    PC Restarts

    I have sify broadband which works fine on my laptop. With regards the PC I have a Athlon 2800+ Asus K8 MX motherboard, 1.73 Ghz processor with an onboard lan card. Will try replacing the RAM and see what happens.
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    PC Restarts

    Thanks, I have formatted the PC recently a couple of times so it does not appear a ethernet issue. Anyway i unchecked the 'Automatic Restart' Option and got a blue screen with the following error: Technical Information ***Stop: 0x40000080 (0x84F93130, 0x8400D378, 0x00000001) Physical...
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    PC Restarts

    Hi, my PC restarts when i connect to the internet. No, its not a virus I have already checked that. even formatted the HD a couple of time since. Am using Win XP. I don't think it is a software related issue. Can someone please help!!!!!
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    sify BB User..Unable to uninstall Trend micro AV

    You need to call sify and tell them u don't want their antivirus and they can deactivate it from there
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    Sony DVD Writer Region Free

    I have a Sony DVD Writer, how do I have the DVD region free
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    Sony Ericson m600

    Come on guys
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    Sony Ericson m600

    Hey Guys anyone aware of when the m600 is to be released in India and whats the expected price
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    2 Sims with 1 no

    Hey guys is it possible to have 2 sims with the same no so we can use on different cells.
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    PDA without camera

    Hi, Is there any PDA or smartphone in the market with out a camera.
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    8 GB DVD

    Hi do we have a 8GB blank DVD in India yet. If so, will I find it at lamington and how much will it be Also, how can i copy a 8 GB DVD in to 2 DVD's of 4GB
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    Need ur help Hi whenever i load a saved game in HL2 i get a message that says AI Disabled. How can I enable it again. This happens everytime i save the game and want to continue where i left it. So i end up having the start the game again. Please HELP!!!
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    Password Protect Folder

    Hi, Is there any software which will password protect any folder on the harddisk. This way not all users on the machine can access the particular file.
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    Top Ten Games You have ever Played

    My Top 10 My Top 10 would be 1. Max Payne 2. Stronghold 3. AOE 2 4. CM 01/02 5. TOCA 2 6. FIFA 01 7. Diablo 2 8. Delta Force 9. Half Life 10. Empire Earth
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    Anti Spyware

    Hey just got a new machine want to know which anti spyware software is the best and free before i get hooked on to the internet.
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    Age of Empires 3 Discussions...

    Release Date What the release date for AOE 3??? Can't wait for it.
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    Best Anti Virus Software

    Rs How much for norton and mcafee. Does it make a difference or is it as good as the pirated version after installing the crack.
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    Best Anti Virus Software

    Which is the best Anti Virus Software......Mcafee, Norton or some other. Also how much do they cost.
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    How much of a difference

    How much of a difference will it make if one is using a AMD Athlon 64 2800+ or AMD athlon 64 3000+ Will the difference in performance be great?
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    NewPC,for around 34000/-please suggest best configuration(s)

    For 35k You will get the below for around 35k AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 800MHz FSB Asus K8Vx Motherboard Hynix 512 MB DDR Ram 400 MHz 80 GB Seagate HD SATA 7200 RPM 17" Samsung CRT Logitech Keyboard and Optical Mouse Cabinet, SMPS, Cooling Fan with front USB Sony CD RW DVD Combo Creative...
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