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    Shuttering Audio in Windows 8.1 x64 (G41 Combo)

    Thanks for the comment.. I checked, my mobo is too Rev 2.0.. So what do I do ?? Reinstall the OS because I tried to reinstall the drivers, but the problem is not getting solved !!!
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    Shuttering Audio in Windows 8.1 x64 (G41 Combo)

    That's the first ting I have done from my own head but no help.. :(.. It never had any issue with Windows 8 or Windows 7, but with Windows 8.1, even when I downloaded the updated driver from Realtek website, still the problem persists !! :( My old horses are nothing compared to your power rig...
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    Shuttering Audio in Windows 8.1 x64 (G41 Combo)

    Hello, I am having a PC with following config. Intel Q6600 Nvidia 9600 GT Gigabyte G41 Combo I am running Windows 8.1 and ever since I installed the Windows 8.1, my audio is giving me strange shuttering jittering issues while playing music, movies.. Be it with any applications, WMP /...
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    Motherboard for e2180

    E2180 will run fine with DDR-III 1333 MHz.. G41 does have connector for PATA (U-ATA). but only one, meaning maximum 2 PATA drives with master slave configuration.. G41 chipset I guess will allow Maximum of 8GB or RAM and got E2180, i guess that is more than enough.. Thanks..
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    PC for 40k

    why ??
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    I want to buy a new desktop for around 45k

    refer here > * Make few change to that config, a good 24" display would cost you few thousand more thus making the config costing Rs. 45k :P
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    [Complaint] Micromax, the company run by Satan himself!!

    Tell you something, Nokia and Samsung phones are easily repairable post warranty, even from the streets in kolkata has spare, where they will inform you whether you wish original spare or duplicate, in case of display or or spkr, duplicate does fine and can be repaired at dead cheap price. with...
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    Usb ports

    vice versa also i guess, any USB 3.0 device will work under USB 2.0 port too (but with less speed :( )
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    dell xps 15 problem

    i had similar issue but with media files, in my case, there was something wrong with the region settings of the DVD drive :P
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    required a cpu within 7k-8k

    Compare to Kolkata local market, flipkart is around 10% costlier.. In some cases, even more :P
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    PC for 40k

    Intel Core i5 3470 @ 11500 Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H @ 4000 Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) CL9 1600 MHz @ 3400 WD Green 1TB 64MB Cache @ 4200 DVD RW LG @ 800 iBall Cabinet + PSU @ 1500 21" FULl HD (Dell or BenQ) @ 10000 Local UPS @ 1400 Keyboard Mouse Microsoft Wireless Combo @ 1800 Microsoft...
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    Overclocking C2D E6550

    ^^ E4500 is having FSB of 800 Mhz, even in G41 chipset, it would have been possible to clock it till 3.6GHz :P but with a processor which is already having FSB of 1333, options are pretty much locked, since OC in G41, processor FSB is linked with RAM FSB and G41 cant support RAM speed beyond...
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    Pls review config.

    Since NO OC and more towards gaming, in the mentioned hardware, make few changes. You really dont need i7, rather chose a i5 or even i3 too would have done. I would suggest since no OC, Core i5 Intel DH77EB ATI HD7850 chose a better screen also :)
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    performance wise :P
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    Windows 8 crashed twice - help

    If you are using stock Intel Cooler than open the case again and make sure cooler is placed tight enough. Make sure all other connections are pluged in properly along with RAMs and GPU. Which is your present power supply ??
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    Windows 8 crashed twice - help

    Please post your configuration also. Secondly, what is the change to system you have done last ?? Any software or hardware installation or any system settings change or updating the Virus or Updating windows or any such ??
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    [Praise] Homeshop18 Refund without Product Return

    Some one please change the title.. It should be complained rather praise :P
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    [Views] Take care while purchasing G Skill memory kits

    . I have a G.Skill DDR-III RAM module purchased from Its having sticker with following info. Its imported by Tirupati (kolkata). RAM to be handled by
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    Reliance Wireline Broadband Internet

    One post, just few lines, what kind of review is this ?
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    Internet Download Manger Problem with downloads.

    Turn off the Windows Firewall see if that resolve the issue or not.
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