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    iphone 4s from Gaffar Market

    The phone doesn't ship to india but looking out for more such deals. thanks :)
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    iphone 4s from Gaffar Market

    could you post a link? i'm actually looking for iphone 4s. don't like the size of iphone5.
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    iphone 4s from Gaffar Market

    Was expecting to hear more. This forum used to be more active :/
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    iphone 4s from Gaffar Market

    A couple of my friends bought iphone 4s ranging from Rs 15k to 19k depending on how long the phone's been used. The 15k iphone 4s white (without earphones but with original charger) had a bit of scratch at the audio jack and is about 4 months old while the 19k iphone 4s black was brand new...
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    QWERTY + 3G + WiFi + Good Battery life under 20k

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a new phone under 20k. The cheaper the better. Should have QWERTY GPS 3G and WiFi Any OS (android, symbian, etc) with basic apps such as skype, whatsapp, etc Good, NO great battery life. All other features are secondary. I'm online at skype and whatsapp 24/7 and talk...
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    camera phone + good keypad under 5k

    was also looking at C3 but its got a Rs 6k price tag. any other models? thank you.
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    camera phone + good keypad under 5k

    i'm thinking of Nokia X2 (not sure how the keypad is) but wondering if anyone else has a better option under 5k. this is an extended budget already. buying it as a gift. my only preference would be a decent camera and a good keypad for SMS.
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    Starting Web Hosting

    i just found out a free host gives free webspace by offering them with a "cpanel" each for the subdomains! So i guess i was wrong in this. should i PM you with my details? do i have to pay during this beta stage or will i get it for free?
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    Starting Web Hosting

    no. not that i know. can u effort to give unlimited addon domain and cpanel for Rs 1000 per year? i would like to test it out myself.
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    Starting Web Hosting

    how r you giving unlimited cpanel for addon domains?!!! does this mean i can host any number of websites provided its below 3gb altogether?
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    Starting Web Hosting

    on hostdime, i'm on shared hosting with 10 addon domains. i got just one cpanel. while on adityacomputer, i'm on reseller plan. I got one WHM and 10 cpanel for 10 domain names. if you got far better plans than both these hosts, i'll give your host a try.
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    Starting Web Hosting

    i mean, gives 10 domain names with 10 cpanel for each domain names. it is available for Rs 4800 per year. the uptime is also very good at almost 100% although i see fluctuation to 99.xx% once in about 2 weeks. you can offer unlimited domains with unlimited cpanel?!! pricing?
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    Starting Web Hosting

    how about the Rs 999 per year given by 50GB of Disk Space, 500GB Monthly Bandwidth, 10 Hosted Domains or with a Rs 4800 per year reseller hosting with 10 cpanel each for 10 domains? they have ~99% uptime. m hosting all my websites on them for now.
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    Smartphone under rs 7k

    nokia c5. the best for its price with an awesome battery life n a good camera with gps
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    Samsung Ace launched @ 14990

    assuming u r talking about Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 its an amazing phone. i dont have one but i've read good reviews about it so far.
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    Need a Phone in 5-6k with secondary camera.

    Nokia C5 for Rs 7500 As compared to SE Naite, its got better camera, better video camera, faster processor with more app support being s60 OS, better battery life (gives me atleast 3 days on my regular usage), GPS... just by extending your budget by Rs 1500.
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    need a camera phone in 5k to 7k range

    c5 which i'm currently using is a good bargain. x2 also has a batter camera though when u capture short distances although you won't see much of a difference when u r shooting normals pictures
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    Netbook / Laptop 12inch Under 18.5k

    how about a review? congrats :)
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    PHP Editor

    notepad++ and crimson editor were my favorite editors but i shifted to mac and now m using TextWrangler.
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    Suggest me Best Sub 10K (Smart) phone

    LMAO at the prices.. who on earth gave u this price list?
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