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    Playbook, Cowon J3, Fiio E7, ATH-M50, V-Moda M-80, SA IEM, etc

    Looking for quick sale. Will negotiate if multiple items are bought. Reason for sale (for all items): Going abroad. Will buy new/better stuff. Location: Mumbai Item: Blackberry Playbook 16GB with HDMI cable & pouch. Kalemsoft Media Player license included. Warranty: None Purchase date - Late...
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    Android phone for ~22k

    This is my first post in a very long time but as a survivor of the original forum war generation, let me share my opinion. None of the phones in the discussion are bad. Let me tackle each of the reasonings for calling a phone 'bad'. 1) Build quality: It's ridiculous to say that a company...
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    [For Sale] Motorola Droid X

    Price dropped to 8k!
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    [For Sale] Motorola Droid X

    Price dropped down to 9k
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    Intel C2D e8400,MSI P45 neo,Transcend 3*1gb ddr2 667mhz ram.

    Interested in the combo without the RAM. Please quote price
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    [For Sale] Motorola Droid X

    Selling it on behalf of a friend. Fully working on Reliance. Has no scratches. Rooted and on a custom ROM. Lots of custom GB and ICS roms available Expected price: 9k
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    Intel Core 2 Duo Based Computer + Input Devices

    Re: Intel Core 2 Duo Based Computer + Input Devices. Bro, C2D 5400 is selling for 2k in another thread. I'm interested in buying the proccy if you're willing to lower the price a little
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    Audio Technica M50

    I'm interest if you can lower your price a little. Why do you want to upgrade just 6 months after buying these?
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    Upgrade from PL 50

    Budget: 10k max PMP: Cowon J3 Listening environment: Bus/Indoors Music type: Post-rock, indie, hardcore, metal (post, death, black) Headphone/IEM: Would prefer headphones Additional requirements: Should be comfortable, good isolation, durable.
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    Post-graduation (BE)/ SAP career advice

    Can anyone explain the career path if I train in SAP? Is there a better alternative. I'm an average academic performer. Any recommended institutes for such courses.
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    ** ~10k mobile advice thread **

    Dell XCD35 or HTC Explorer. I'll be modding it. Is Explorer worth the 2k price difference?
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    What to buy in China

    A friend is going there for work. Budget of 1.5k INR I have soundmagic's pl50. any good foam tip replacements i can ask him to bring? anything else that is really cheap there?
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    Which of these Maggi u like most ?

    ico is right. top ramen curry pwns everything
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    All TV Shows / Miniseries Related Discussions Here

    Re: All TV Shows Related Discussions Here well i don't watch tv shows. i dig music and films. but i do like mad men and tosh.0
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    All TV Shows / Miniseries Related Discussions Here

    Re: All TV Shows Related Discussions Here phail shows (except mad men and maybe sopranos) what else can we expect from american/desi shows. like the typical desi hipsters, you all happily forget there are a few hundred other countries on this planet too. as far as discussing tv shows goes...
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    Cowon J3 review

    *update* pics posted. needs a proper vid to show the pmp completely.youtubing might help
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    Cowon J3 review

    the player aint for n00bs.the custom eq is the best part about the player will upload the pics today :)
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    Cowon J3 review

    Its been almost a month since i purchased my Cowon J3 PMP. I bought it from Liplap, the official cowon dealers in India for a "special offer" price of 14.5k with the cowon original J3 leather case (worth 1.2k) for free :) The following review will be based on my usage pattern but I’ll try to...
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    Good shops on lamington road ...

    prime-abgb mahavir e-lounge #nuffsaid
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    the FOOTBALL channel

    defoe out for 6 weeks too.
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