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    How reliable are Sager laptops?

    Totally agree with this My own dell 7520 mobo is dying due to heat , gpu is already dead
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    Laptop for work purposes in a bidget of 50k, to be purchased from USA

    My friend bought 7559 for 58k from US last month imho nothing beats that for the price right now
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    Which one is better - Iphone 6s or Samsung s6 edge?

    Neither imho, One Plus 3 offers a more compelling package at the price iPhone is too limited, given a choice, S6 Edge is probably gonna grab more eyeballs than iPhone these days imho
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    Moving whatsapp from windows phone to android phone? - spartakoss

    cross platform whatsapp transfer isnt possible at all unfortunately the only exception is BB10 and Android , they share a lot of code thats why
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    Accessing MS Edge browser history on Win 10 Phone

    yeah very unfortunate, I love the platform but off late in the past 8 months, Microsoft themselves arent supporting the platform properly and getting rid of existing features Im also thinking of buying Redmi Note 3 soon, lets see Ill keep my 720 as a camera probably
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    need a 40" led tv for home use

    Amazon India......
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    Accessing MS Edge browser history on Win 10 Phone

    Hey sorry for the really late reply, wasnt very active for a while Unfortunately I also suffer from the same problem on WP8.1 Denim with IE , Im using Opera at the moment
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    need a 40" led tv for home use

    Re: need a 40" led tv for home use Its tough to say what formats a TV can play I have 3 Sonys and all play different formats .mp4 is the most common and will play .avi is unlikely but its still possible on some models for some reason, small chance .mkv may or may not play I wouldnt...
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    Zuckerberg Is Dictator of The World's Largest Nation, Pirate Bay Founder Says

    Google and FB are equally bad they even create shadow profiles of you with your info even if you havent signed up and if some friend has signed up Anger mounts after Facebook's 'shadow profiles' leak in bug | ZDNe
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    HTC service center in Mumbai

    Wow HTC Mozart??!! Very rare phone :O ^^ This one is open for sure, Ive seen it 3 months back when I went to the Nokia service centre in the same building with my friend
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    Dell Inspiron 7559 - Dell's entry into gaming segment

    Can you change thermal paste/remove heatsink and fans without taking apart the laptop? thats a deal breaker for me after my Dell 7520(now dying slowly)
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    Want to buy window ac

    Hitachi,Daikin are very reliable but a bit pricey highly suggest them if possible Voltas is OK
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    need a 40" led tv for home use

    dont go in for samsung, terrible service and higher failure rate. I have both Samsungs and Sonys. Sony is a more reliable brand and is zero maintenance usually. Ive used Sony after sales once and they were very polite and replaced a part even though I was a few days out of warranty With Samsung...
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    Need Tablet for General Usage

    Asus Zenpad S8.0 (ps-None of the other Zenpads are good, only this one) Asus ZenPad S 8.0 Z580CA - Full tablet specifications was available on FK and Amazon but its no longer available for some reason otherwise Mi pad or Mi pad 2(yet to launch in India) is good too if you dont mind an older...
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    Wake up and smell the inequality |

    I would like to add "Net neutrality" isnt just pricing, its to avoid monopolies too Imagine companies like Google and Facebook controlling even internet access, these companies dont have any physical income as such and earn by selling user data instead They dont even have licensing standards in...
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    I want to buy smartphone below Rs 10,000.............sharing internet connection from pc to android

    Re: I want to buy smartphone below Rs 10,000.............sharing internet connection from pc to andr For PC to phone internet sharing- Wi-Host: Freeware to Turn Your Windows PC or Laptop into Wi-Fi Hot Spot to Share Internet Connection - AskV NO ROOT REQUIRED If your PC doesnt have a Wireless...
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    Honor 5x: Great budget phone

    Plus only 1 post, that too soo short :facepalm:
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    samsung m3 2tb portable external hard drive OR WD my passport Ultra 2tb

    WD anyday of the year, good after sales etc as well as good reliability Samsung is only good for SSDs in storage
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    Big win for net neutrality: Telecom regulator prohibits discriminatory tariffs for data

    So do idea ,vodafone etc when it comes to using their apps such as Money or account checking apps
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    Need advice to buy a 4G Android mobile for 15-20K!!

    Just curious, do Moto X play and the other mentioned phones support Airtel's 4G bands here? I mean is it tested by anyone? - - - Updated - - - yep sad,camera and availability of a Windows 10 Mobile rom was a big plus for me since I like using all OS's
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