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    3tb hdd for intel dh61ww motherboard?

    i wanted to use hdd as auxillary will i still need to update bios for it
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    random display errors while cold start.

    Hi, i have i5 system with 120gb ssd and 1 tb hdd corsair cx500 smps and gtx 960 2gb graphics card . some times when i start my system my pc boots but display is not started only when i reset the system the display runs. no loose wires and problem doesnt come frequently. can some one...
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    3tb hdd for intel dh61ww motherboard?

    hi, I have i5 system with intel dh61ww motherboard i havent updated bios yet, i wanted to upgrade my 1 tb hdd to 3 tb hdd. Can i use 3 tb hdd with my system. I already use 120gb ssd as primary hdd for boot and want 3 tb hard disk for storage purposes purely . please inform as early as...
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    regarding international warranty on which brands

    hi, which brands do give international warranty? i am trying to purchase a graphic card from germany whether it will get warranty here ? if yes what will we it?
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    What are renowned graphics cards brands in India ?

    i used zotac card and registered it online.after 4 years when my 9800gt card died they replaced it with gts 450 so zotac trustworthy brand.
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    is it right time to upgrade graphics card

    ty guys but i decided i would wait and use my gts 450 for few months and upgrade to gtx 9xx series when directx 12 comes out also i was leaning towards r9 270x more as dont want to stress my budget
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    is it right time to upgrade graphics card

    but will it be suported on my current smps
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    is it right time to upgrade graphics card

    not in my budget - - - Updated - - - max budget 14k
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    is it right time to upgrade graphics card

    hi i have i5-2320 8 gb ddr3 and zotac gts 450 1 gb cx 500 smps wanted to know is it right time to upgrade the card as most 2015 games run too lagy to play i shorted two choices r9 270x gtx 660 as only this two card in my max budget need to be able to sustain for next 3...
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    [Open] laptop screen going blank

    hi,, i have lenovo y560 ideapad laptop. from last 2 weeks my laptop whenever switched on show bios window but does not show windows screen and stops at that point. if gone into bios it can stay there longer what can be the problems for above mentioned. i also tried using bootable...
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    LEOXSYS 802.11N wifi Adapter Dongle with connectify for you broadband

    Hi, i have a desktop pc with you broadband (wired). i do want to share it's connection with my laptop. as you broadband uses mac id for providing net i can use desktop currently. can i use LEOXSYS 802.11N Mini Wireless N 11n Wi-Fi Nano USB Wi-Fi Adapter Dongle and connectify software to...
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    How to connect a Cable modem to a wireless router ?

    I recently got YOU broadband plan in Pune .Now as usual the connection is through coaxial cable .and they gave me a cable modem of cisco build . Now the modem does not has a inbuilt autoconnect method .That is we have to log on with manual broadband connection ,it does not have an inbuilt...
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    Lenovo y560 random color screen after bootup

    i checked with monarch in pune they told me the laptop is dead. motherboard replacement cost 11000/- battery 5500/- and if i go for buy back i get 8000/- . got to a local chip repairing person. problem was with charging circuit being weak. Replaced it now working fine also told me adaptor of...
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    setup of lan between laptop and desktop using D-Link DSL-2640U

    Hi, i have D-Link DSL-2640U , one desktop and lenovo laptop. I want to connect both the pc for lan. Which is the best method to connect them directly through lan port? or using D-Link DSL-2640U for connection(Can disconnect net cable for offline) also what type of cabling should be...
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    Lenovo y560 random color screen after bootup

    hi i had 20v 4.5 amp adapter after it broke my seller gave me a 19v 3.42 amp adapter can it be the culprit ? also what are the symptoms for bad charging circuit of battery?
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    Lenovo y560 random color screen after bootup

    Hi, the problem is gone and everything was working fine for last 4 days. i even tested memory on different memory slots using memtest86+ 4.20 using usb pen drive it worked fine for 7 passes each in line.swithed off only to change slots and ram. worked good for 4-6 days now it is starting and...
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    Lenovo Y560 Laptop starts and shuts down within 3 seconds

    Hi, my Laptop starts and shuts down within 3 seconds. the power button along with ideapad button lits up and its off. i tried my both rams on both slots, cleaned with brush slot and ram, battery dead so on direct adaptor. even used hair dryer to remove moisture if any. problem still persists...
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    Lenovo y560 random color screen after bootup

    Hi, I have Lenovo y560 with switchable graphics laptop. from the last 2 days when i turn it on, it starts and in the middle of starting it's screen turns into various colors (only one color per boot). is it ram problem?. i already switches rams inside .also my lappy runs on adaptor no...
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    Artifacts from Bootup screen itself.

    Hi, I used it at night to play crysis 2 for half hour it played fine . in morning it was a cold still gave me unrecognizable symbols on bootup.i had to force shutdown screen as was unable to view the contents of screen.
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    Artifacts from Bootup screen itself.

    already connected on onboard problem has disappeared. so culprit can be either connector or card itself.
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