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    Nvidia Display Driver (91.47 Forceware) acting up ? :( :<

    Is it just me or anyone else noticed a performance dip with the driver? I tried it on geforce 4 Ti 4400 and Geforce 6600GT , both seems to take plunge on the performance front. Also the new control panel feels Slow and unresponsive and not at all friendly ( then again I prefer classic...
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    Orkut In Mobile

    To use orkut Use Opera, Switch off the 'fit to screen' option. and then check. the google login page may fail a couple of times, keep reloading. Works with my Nokia 6630 with Opera 8.60 build 1657 (still in trial). Funny thing is I have Hutch GPRS Connection (Not Hutch Access). So its...
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    Vista will drive users to Linux

    Let me do the honors of answering that. 1. Me, Our team Manages 30-35 Servers ( We do Active monitoring of these servers as they host Various Server Components of the Application We support). 2. Criticality? Hmm.. Well.. A downtime of >5 Minutes of these servers without prior information is...
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    about nfs u2

    Well... There are 2 solutions.. Of the 2 1. Buy the game, Dont use the pirated CD.. Uless u shell out 1500-2000 bucks for the game, u wont get the original. 2. I cannot say it here as it may violate the forum rules and policies.(got the hint ).
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    Mac corner

    More interesting than apple is man behind apple computers , Founder and CEO of Apple Steve jobs.. here is an interview he gave on june 12th. *
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    [Review] Sony Ericsson P910i

    Sony Ericsson P910i Sony Ericsson P910 is the latest in the P-series Phones of SE. The P series is the only series in SonyEricsson that runs on Symbian OS. First Model was P800 which was an instant hit amongst the Pda users and Gizmo freaks alike. P800 was groundbreaking and the design...
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    Alert! Symbian virus. (COMM WARRIOR)

    Oh that explains a lot... Coz last sunday when i was in R-Mall (Mulund,Mumbai), I had my Blutooth headset on..(So BT in the phone was on, and i had set it to 'discoverable' mode). I had received like 15 requests to connect to my phone! Anyways.. good thing about my phone is that its not...
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    Mobile as Remote Control

    Yeah,.. Psiloc makes good IR software.. Its pretty hard to crack(some wierd unified liscencing thing that installs some 4 components in ur phone). But the problem with iR remote is that u need to be pretty close to the Unit to make it work.. (doesnt have the range of a normal remote for...
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    **Post All Cellphone Related Queries Here**

    N91 Looks damn good.. 4Gb.. wow!!.. I just hope nokia Puts a good Mp3 player with lots of functionality(4GB certainly needs a lot of management features)...
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    .:: Some Queries Regarding Nokia 6600 ::.

    Well.. Symbian Apps Tends to be addictive... Especially if u are the type who likes tinkering with ur phone... (Which i guess u are.. since u are linux fan..tinkering is inhernt in Linux ;) ). Well.. Installing symbian app is easy.. (easiest is to send it to ur phone.. apps come with .sis...
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    **Post All Cellphone Related Queries Here**

    U need to put ur phone's option as 'visible to all' in the bluetooth menu (of the phone) and initiate a device search from the PC's BT software (widcomm or microsoft).Alternativley.. if u initiate pairing from Phone, ensure that PC's BT softwares 'Discoverable' option is switched on. Unless u...
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    **Post All Cellphone Related Queries Here**

    @Akshay.. ur chager's Pin is loose.. they should be a tight fit... A loose charger pin indicates Incorrect insertion and removal/or very old charger. Well.. from what i have heard... from K700 on the SE reception has improved drastically.. Im on a relativley older generation P910i...
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    Mac corner

    Hello?? What are you guys talking about? Apple Will NEVER ABANDON mac OS X.... Its plain and simple, Mac OSX is VERY GOOD. OSX is very efficient in utilizing the hardware, hence the performance of macs.. dont confuse the switch to intel as switch to Microsoft. Infact im sure more ppl will...
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    **Post All Cellphone Related Queries Here**

    Bilionton Bluetooth Module with 100 Meters range, costed me 1150 bux... (Purchased today)
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    Mobile Review: Sendo X Smartphone

    16MB ram is good for a series60 phone. (Actually as far as i know, all series 60 phones have 16Mb ram.) Remeber RAM is not SAME as PHONE's INTERNAL MEMORY. Lemme explain.. RAM is like ur pc's RAM and Internal Memory is like a Hard disk. and Mem card like a cd rom ;). Anyways.. 16MB is what...
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    Opinion : Nokia 7710 Widescreen.. aahhaa

    Hmm.. Phone is a very good concept... But not a Novel one (Pocket PC's and palms were all around us, Also not to forget the SE P8xx,9xx Series). But as i own P910i i can really appreciate the phone's operation is Landscapr(widescreen) format.(P910 works in potrait mode). This allows websites...
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    **Post All Cellphone Related Queries Here**

    See.. all Series 60 phones have standard resolution of 176x208(Exception : Sendo X series). So Nokia 7650,N-gage,nGage QD,3650,3660,6600,3230,6680 (and multitude of Nokia smart phones in between) all run on this resolution. Ofcourse Colors supported and Quality of screens Vary a LOT(I mean...
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    Mobile Review: Sendo X Smartphone

    Awesome review man.. I feel Concept of sendo X is better than the likes of 6630 and 6680 (wherein they used one Bad a$$ processor running @ 220Mhz). By Delegating various tasks to various processors(like pc.. ;) ). Dude.. Please do one more favour.. get SPMARK from futuremark site...
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    **Post All Cellphone Related Queries Here**

    See... Here is the deal. K500i has a better Screen and better interface,.. but low on memory and hence mp3 playback is linmited... The reason K500i having a player is just beacuse they use a modified K700i Firmware.. the real reason for MP3 on k500 is basically for Mp3 Tonez... So.. if MP3...
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    **Post All Cellphone Related Queries Here**

    drgrudge, k500i does have an MP3 player with EQ settings and all... (from what i heard, its identical to the K700i player).
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