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    Hitman - Blood Money

    hey anybody heard about hitman blood money the next game after contracts bet its good
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    broken cd

    if u have the original key get a pirated copy as long as u have the original key its not illegal
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    GTA : SA my Review..

    lol u ppl r waiting fr it when it can be downloaded fr free though its not legal but not many ppl buy original ones
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    i wanted just one of ur most fav from each
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    The Ultimate Harry Potter Gamer..

    firstly i aint intrested in the game n a person who states that he is a computer genius is an over excited newbie who just got the hang of it and thinks he knows too much
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    which is your fav NFSU 1 & 2 song mine is Born Too Slow from NFSU and Riders Of The Storm from NFSU2
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    Cheats Codes...

    shove a sock in it boy dont go babbling just cos u know a few cheats its nothing to be proud of anyone can get cheats through the net
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    Reliance National Gaming Championship 2005

    i participated fr nfsu and ut first of all the controllers(keyboards) are a piece of shit damn clumsy n when i asked fr the dates fr ut they said it was cancelled along with fifa and warcraft
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    why the fuss about about price we can download it fr free (if you know where to look) n most of the p2p networks have spyware u get infections even with the best antivirus spyware n firewalls
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    Gaming Tournaments

    hi anybody know any current gaming tournaments , competitions going around chembur
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    Stuck in Prince of persia.. helpppppp plzzzzzzz

    first wall run up the wall n then jump from either side of the walls be sure to press the jump button only when the prince hits the wall otherwise he wont jump and will fall down
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    nfs u1 running slow

    try getting more RAM, abetter graphics card or just lower the graphics to a minimum u wont get detail but you'll be able to practice fr the time
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    Doom on your mobile

    dude my bro already has it on his mobile phone n i played it too
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    Ur fav Game Dialogues

    my fav dialogue is from man payne titled "Genius of the hole"
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    Ragnarok is now a prepaid game!

    dont worry about paying fr Ragnarok sooner or later there will be a private server in India which will offer free gameplay :D
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    AOE fr me
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    plz post the dates fr UT 2004, NFSU n CS
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    UT 2007

    i think UT 2007 is being released fr only the PS or some other console will there be a PC version and when will it be released
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    need tips to improve nfs ug 2 driving skills.

    practice makes the man perfect anyway here are some tips- *Avoid slowing too much on turns *When turning try to turn from the far side od the curve *Also read the in game tips u get when u collect the icons in the game
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    AOE vs AOM

    AOM was good with myth units, heroes n all but much of the strategy part was lost ill any day prefer AOE over AOM
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