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    pls suggest me a 5.1 Speaker arnd 6k

    @Siva, it would best if you could post a pic of the players Rear or provide a link,so that we can tell you if the speakers are compatible or not.
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    Vote for the BEST RAM Manufacturing Company !!!

    i have only used Transcend do far...has been running well.
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    A A A A A A A A A system re-starts again and again .Thermal Paste procedure!!

    "During Bios set up view: CPU temperature displays 55 degree" 55 is actually fine, i guess you XP CD is corrupted or something try a diff copy. i hope the 3 diff XP cds u tried are not copies?
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    Sony Ericsson Posts Fourth Consecutive Quarterly Loss

    SE can boost sales with very simple things like SD card Supp. and 3.5mm jacks,many users are turning away frm SE for these simple reasons.
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    1 or 1.5 or 2TB hard disk suggestions

    oh so then its the GREEN one! tnx
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    1 or 1.5 or 2TB hard disk suggestions

    guys the Western Digital SATA II 1 Terabyte (32 MB Buffer) comes only in Caviar Black right? and is that the one listed for 4.5k in ITwares?
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    Is this temperature and fan speed right ?

    Double Post!
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    Is this temperature and fan speed right ?

    that speed is normal. whenever my CPU crosses 50C the fans spins at 3k.
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    PC restarts automatically after shutdown

    my old system use to switch on auto due to a bad PSU
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    Weird lag while playing games.

    im not sure but i have a feeling its due to low RAM! wat OS do you have?
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    Suggetions needed for a laptop

    how is DEL XPS M1530? or Studio 16? and how are ASUS and Toshiba?
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    Suggetions needed for a laptop

    hello guys, my friend needs to buy a new laptop. his budget is 50k...can stretch up to 60k if its really worth it. its for gaming and general use. he will be buying it from Riyadh,KSA hence would be great if you ppl can suggest models(not brands) that are not available in India. thank you
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    Where to get thermal paste and heatsink

    60C doing what????? unless your are on >80% load,60C is way too much!!and you have to worry abt it. on idle,browsing etc temps should be less than 45C
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    wat's the cost of 4gb ddr2 ram{800 mhz}?

    Transcend 2 gb @800mhz costs around 1100rs
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    Q abt Crysis Warhead

    :confused: @Ethan.. tnx mate..
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    Q abt Crysis Warhead

    hey guys, is Warhead's Plot a continuation of the original Crysis? or is it totally unrelated to the first part? i haven't played Crysis will i miss any of the plot if i start off with Warhead? thank you
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    Your Hardware History....

    CPU-the one that 1995 pcs had>some old AMD>Intel P4>another P4>Q6600 Mobo-again some old mobo of the 90's>Gigabyte(AMD)>Intel>Intel>MSI P45 Neo GPU>64mb Radeon>HD4850
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    Max Temperature of E6750?

    on full load the max the proccy should go up is 70-80C so definitely yours is OVERHEATING!!!! your HS might not be placed properly or the is no thermal paste applied..... try Coretemp,Speedfan,Realtemp to check the temps.
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    LCD monitor Flickering :(( problem

    a silly Q.. can VGA handle such high resolutions?
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    What kinda person U are?

    i voted 3 though im 2.5 :)
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