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    Another Linux Distribution Chooser

    Its sad but guys lets face it "Gentoo is dying" and its sad to see such a lovely project come to such an abrupt end. So for a starter the ideal choice today is Ubuntu.
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    The best broadband offers available across India

    MTNL TriB Unlimited working as a charm Download speed of 28KB
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    **Post all your MTNL Triband Related Queries Here**

    Guys i am back in the cyber world. Got a MTNL TriB Unlimited connection today. working good, gentoo servers upgrading, open bsd firwall security updateing, life is sooooo full again, and i did mis this forum.
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    will Solaris work on AMD

    Yes it works. I am using it for the last month or so. The AMD cpu is capable of executing i386 code and thats what makes it execute all intel specific sw/os.
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    where to get FC5 final

    i have the iso and am in delhi.
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    My HDD is heating above 50 deg cel.Do i need to worry?

    YES you need to worry. Get a hdd cooler and install it, this will increase the life / reliability of your hdd.
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    How to connect two PC's using Modem?

    Re: Your Answer sorry sir i beg to disagree with all this jargon. two numbers .... modem generated numbers ..... er am i missing a step here?
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    3 pictures in 1 DVD

    there are converters available you call look up on the net (free ones are also there) and moreover how do you plan to put 3*700mb data into one cd? you should plan a dvd i guess???
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    3 pictures in 1 DVD

    select the create vidio cd option and add the three (small) clips in the .dat format. nero will do the rest.
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    using a pendrive on win98

    You need to download the driver from the vendor 's site. or hunt for a small cd that comes along with the thumb drive. Win 98 does not have these drivers bundeled.
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    Buying new pc

    i got the price of the asus board one with the pcix slots and dual pcie16x ports (8x in the dual mode). The cost of the board is 13k in sm electronics at Nehru place. This is one hell of a board. Sorry i did not ask for the cost of the 955 mobo. This rate is three days old.
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    Shoreline Firewall(shorewall) for Linux OS

    Shorewall comes with various profiles built in one of them is the dsl - personal one where you have a single nic card please use the profile and setup the firewall. We in CERT-Army use the three zone setup where in the clasical internet - dnz and trusted lan concept is used this too is based on...
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    Installing RHL9.0 in dual boot environment

    Please do not install RH9 its old and once you compare it with windows XP you will dislike Linux from the start. I would recommend install suse 10 or some new distro to get all the features (lipstick). If u are in Delhi u can take distro from me.
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    The best broadband offers available across India

    The best broadband in Delhi was net4india we used to get a speed of upto 1Mbps almost daily for 4 to 6 hours but they have closed shop (was obvious...) any way guys try Inventum there low end packages suck so go in for 256 or higher. The download speeds are constant at 32K for 256K pack and cost...
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    Buying new pc

    I too agree change the mobo to a 975 one its available from asus in delhi Rs 13K or so. Its has sli pcie, pcix and the works.
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    Shoreline Firewall(shorewall) for Linux OS

    Hi I am using shorewall as a firewall(an a dedicated p3 512MB 3NIC) for one of my servers pools. Its a good and serves the purpose well. Its better then ipcop that we were using earlier. I would recommend not to use webmin as it opens up another hole in your firewall.
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    'Shocking' Problem In Cabinet

    swap the live and neutral wires in the mains socket it will solve your problem.
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    The best broadband offers available across India

    net4india is good in delhi. I have shifted over from MTNL Trib 1199 to this its good.
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    RAID help

    Read a bit more about software & hardware raid. Genrally (until its a scsi) all raid solution on motherbords are software raids. You donot get that great a performance jump from them.
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    A newbie's linux flavour?

    what do i hear ? GENTOO bloated.?????????? come on guys..... Its the leanest cut one can possibly have. I mean it cannot get thinner. You select each package yourself. It does not get better than this.
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