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    Modding A new Lenovo L420

    I wanted to bought a lenovo 420. i don't about the fetchers and the schemes which relate to it. Please give the information.
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    couple of quries

    i have a VIP 500watts PSU which is with a 90mm Exhaust Fan and a 90mm under it as exhaust i think of putting a 90mm to 120mm adapter and put a 120mm fan in the rear what say??
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    amd phenom 955 BE overclocking

    Anandtech review shows 4.3Ghz as possible but usually 4Ghz is the upper limit. after 3.9Ghz it depends on luck actually. not all chips will go past 4Ghz as not all chips are same.
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    Stock vs aftermarket

    According to me i don't have too much idea about this but I think the stock was quite a good choice in the stock market,we have a chance to gain money. in the after market there not much of space to get a money so much.
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    PH II 955 Getting a Bit Hot after OC

    mayn't help much. temperature will be still hover around 65-66.
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    Gfx card price

    XFX 8600GT 512MB DDR3 RS .3900 XFX 9600GT 512MB DDR3 RS. 7900 XFX 9800GT 512MB DDR3 10500 RS. thse are the price of the Gfx card price
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    FSP SAGA 500W or Seasonic s12II 430W??

    an FSP SAGA 500W is very good but the availability of this is tough.
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    is my graphics card damaged???

    keep your computer system cooler. Start by cleaning out your computer, removing all dust with a dry paper towel.If you want to tempt fate or are really in need to use the graphics card as it is now, then point a fan towards your computer tower.
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