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    AMD Radeon RX 6000 series

  2. ico

    PowerColor support in India

    How is it? Someone I know is getting an RX 5600 XT.
  3. ico

    How's Crucial/Micron's support in India? Who handles it?

    My friend is about to buy 1TB Crucial MX500. Just in case if anything goes wrong. Though I know that Crucial is almost equal to Samsung in terms of reliability.
  4. ico

    Intel Skylake-X review

    The Intel Skylake-X Review: Core i9 7900X, i7 7820X and i7 7800X Tested Now should we call these "bad chips for gaming"? From a power consumption perspective, Intel isn't as efficient as AMD at the moment. It will be really interesting how the 16 core Threadripper vs 18 Core i9-X fares out!
  5. ico

    Radeon's Open-Source Linux GPU Driver Has Nearly Caught Up With Windows' Driver

    Source: Radeon's Open-Source Linux GPU Driver Has Nearly Caught Up With Windows' Driver - Phoronix The open source driver has turned great honestly. Benefits? If you're on a bleeding edge distribution, you don't need to worry about breaking anything. If you're on a normal distribution...
  6. ico

    nVidia drivers in Linux - my day #1 experience

    I use a Intel i5-2500K + nVidia GTX 1060 in my primary system. And, an AMD A8-3870K + Radeon HD 6950 in my secondary system. I'm running nVidia 381.22 driver on Arch Linux. The issues I'm facing: 1) Alt + Print Screen (for only current Window screenshot) saves with weird colours. Print Screen...
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    Just purchased a Zotac GTX 1060 6GB AMP! for ₹20,900

    From Cost 2 Cost, Nehru Place. The price looked good to me!
  8. ico

    UPS and Active PFC Power Supply compatibility table.

    The electricity which comes to your home, your AC supply is a pure sinusoid wave. But there are two types of UPS in the market: 1) Pure Sinewave UPS: which produce pure sinusoid AC. 2) Stepped Sinewave UPS or Modified Sinewave UPS: which produce an 'approximate' sinusoid AC. Power Factor...
  9. ico

    ASRock motherboards for Ryzen - India availability.

    Apparently ASRock has the best motherboards for Ryzen. And, from what I see, they aren't available anywhere in India. Why is it so?
  10. ico

    You guys should try out Tixati for torrents.

    Perhaps the best for Windows IMO.
  11. ico

    AMD Ryzen thread

    AMD showed Blender and Handbrake demos recently and the 8C, 16T Ryzen barely edged the similarly clocked 8C, 16T Intel i7-6900K. What are your expectations? Finally some competition?
  12. ico

    Make Digit Great Again!!

    yea, the forum. I'm back. Permanently. So, what are the issues? I want to say sorry for locking 'the Off-topic thread', it did kill the forum afterall. :( I think we should reduce the number of sections. Large sections worked when we had traffic, now we don't. We have too many subforums.
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    where to buy RX 480 from?

    so, IGN is reporting RX 480's price has been decreased. Radeon RX 480 has its price decreased in India - Technolog who all are the good sellers now? I've been out of touch with hardware. I will be upgrading from HD 6950 2 GB. i5-2500K @ 4.2 Ghz still good to go?
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    hi guys

    how are you? :p
  15. ico

    Google eavesdropping tool installed on computers without permission

    Source: Google eavesdropping tool installed on computers without permission | Technology | The Guardian
  16. ico

    Firefox 42 launches with Tracking Protection

    Source: Firefox 42 Launches With Tracking Protection In Private Browsing Mode | TechCrunch
  17. ico

    How is the current status on Intel VT-d?

    Still non-K series processor and Z chipset? Anyone working with it? Give me names of motherboard and processor. Last time when I checked, apart from fooling K series users, Intel made a mickey out of early i7-3930K and X users as well.
  18. ico

    Information regarding HP 15-ab214tx and HP laptops in general

    It appears to be a good laptop. Has a Full HD screen and a 6th Generation i7 processor. Just when I was about to pull the trigger, I realised it's a dual-core i7-6500U . :( Can I haz a quad-core with a Full HD screen in 70K? DVD Writer is a must so that I can chuck it off for a SSD. One more...
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