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  1. Sourabh

    Indian eCommerce Woes

    Facing problem with session expiry? Try Union Bank of India's net banking. You won't ever face that problem again. I sometimes go AFK while logged in my account and when I return after two hours, I can just resume where I left. No need of relogging. Mind blowing, I know.
  2. Sourabh

    Post your mousepaths

    Interesting. This is what my 15 minutes of web surfing in the wee hours of the morning looks like. BTW, this Java app is a serious system resource hog. Even worse than Flash.
  3. Sourabh

    Need a Netbook

    I would recommend the Samsung NC10 as it's really the complete package (10-inch screen, 6-cell battery, etc). With any netbook, you'd be spending around 20k and get basically the same hardware. So it all comes down to what are the priorities going in for a netbook. The 8.9" netbooks are a dying...
  4. Sourabh

    need a portable hard drive

    Get the cheapest one which the dealer pushes over the store counter. I don't think there's much to separate between the brands except the warranty. I recently got a 320GB Transcend StoreJet as it was the cheapest of the lot at Rs. 3,750. Maxtor drivers would also cost the same. WD and Seagate...
  5. Sourabh

    HP notebook strange behaviour

    How old is the laptop? Try removing the battery and running it on AC directly. Or you can try to get hold of a different (working) power adapter. I think this is might be a power issue. If you feel the laptop gets VERY hot even after a few mins of use, dissect the laptop to clean the vents...
  6. Sourabh

    i need laptop drivers

    Refer the links below. Both have megaupload links to download all the drivers in one go. * *
  7. Sourabh

    Digit to cost Rs.150/- per issue

    Why does this surprise anyone? With the economy the way it is and all the advertising dollars being redistributed to online media or being greatly reduced, print magazines will find it hard to survive. It's no secret that advertising revenue helps to keep the cost of each issue down to a...
  8. Sourabh

    Laptop Queries AMD- Athlon-Turion-WXGA

    RM-70 is better. Budget/mid-range laptops based on QL-60 or RM-70 feature Radeon HD 3200 or GeForce 8200M IGP so the overall performance is slightly better if your work involves watching HD movies and some casual gaming. But Intel is slightly better in the CPU department generally speaking when...
  9. Sourabh

    Dell Studio XPS 13 & 16 Laptops

    Re: Dell Studio XPS 1640 Still the prices on Studio XPS 13 & 16 on Dell India website are much more competitive than in the past. The base unit is definitely not a rip off. Edit: Threat title edited!
  10. Sourabh

    what happened to my lapp`s keyboard...???

    It's just that the numpad on the laptop keyboard is turned on. Find the right FN + key combo to disable it and it will be back to normal. There should be a Num Lock status light on the laptop like on a regular keyboard to check its status.
  11. Sourabh

    Question about HP laptop numbering system

    If it wasn't obvious, dv6700 is series and the other one is the exact model. Manufacturers tinker around with specs of a laptop series and make it available in different SKU models (for retail market, different countries, other such reasons). You may have noticed in countries like the U.S...
  12. Sourabh

    Playstation 3 Display Querries

    You can opt for a monitor like SP2208WFP from Dell which comes with an HDMI port if your budget doesn't permit a decent-sized LCD TV.
  13. Sourabh

    Q to DELL Inspiron 1525 users.

    Should be a problem with your sister's laptop. There's no design flaw as such. Just call Dell and ask for an on-site replacement. They don't really think twice regarding such common issues.
  14. Sourabh

    HP DV 6838NR - Good Laptop repair centers in Pune?

    What is the problem?
  15. Sourabh

    What do you think about Digit's Customer Support

    Horrible. It just seems they've grown too big for their own good. I've had missing issues back when I was a subscriber and I never got a few editions. Faulty DVDs were not replaced in recent times. Twice I've been asked to ship them the faulty DVD at my own expense only to find it was all for...
  16. Sourabh

    All laptop related queries here!!!

    Re: ASUS Eee PC vs MSI Wind 100U 1000H is slightly expensive over the WIND but it's worth it. If you don't mind the fact that it has a regular hard drive (in a netbook), then go for the 1000H. Should set you back by 25-26k in India. Regarding after sales service, ASUS does have service centers...
  17. Sourabh

    Sony's PlayStation 3 wireless keypad now available for pre-order

    LOL Have it your way. We just knew from official PR from Sony Europe that this was announced. Later on the official US Playstation blog mentioned about an end of November release. Pricing and exact shipping date were unknown until it showed up on Amazon. If you knew $50 price tag when it was...
  18. Sourabh

    Sony's PlayStation 3 wireless keypad now available for pre-order

    Nope, it showed up on Amazon for pre-order just yesterday. It was announced last week without the region-specific pricing or release dates.
  19. Sourabh

    whats the difference between External hard drives and HDD based MP3 players

    Regardless of the product, if it has a spinning platter - it will surely be prone to damage due to mishandling, drops, etc. When it comes to external hard drives, these generally use 3.5" or 2.5" form factor HDDs which are generally intended for PC use. Even with the 2.5" portable HDDs, you...
  20. Sourabh

    Happy Birthday Mehul uncle, torrent, jyotirupam, seoxpert

    Happy Birthday Mehul!
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