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    Negative Experience Flipkart Return Fraud

    I have ordered a Lenovo A2010 Phone form Flipkart. Order number for the same is OD304020480141167000. Phone got issue it get discharged in 15 minutes flat. I have raised a return request on 17th Oct. I was told return will be processed in 2 days. Then today (19th Oct) I got email the issue is...
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    My Chrome Extension for Price Comparison on Flipkart, Amazon , Snapdeal

    Page Scrapping. Only Amazon got fairly good APIs, other does not got decent API or any APIs at all.
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    My Chrome Extension for Price Comparison on Flipkart, Amazon , Snapdeal

    I know web site are not consistent and keep on changing layout. Try it once. TO me results looks fine , better then other alternative extension like buyhatke. But I might be biased for my own extension. Try it yourself, its safe and require very limited permissions . You can always disable and...
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    My Chrome Extension for Price Comparison on Flipkart, Amazon , Snapdeal

    Most of us are buying items online and are always looking for the best deals, but most of the time we end up paying more as most of the time item I am buying on Flipkart might be available at lower price on Amazon or SnapDeal. It's time consuming to check all popular web sites to compare...
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    Help me decide best Printer for Personal use

    I am looking to buy a printer. I am interested in these 2 printer 1. Canon PIXMA E510 2. HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3545 Although Wireless is not a requirement. I want to decide based on cartage cost, refill and Printer Quality. Please help me decide. My budge is around 4 to 5 thousand.
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    Choose between CANON PIXMA MP258 All in One Printer and HP DeskJet F4488

    Can you give me your feedback about Scanner in these all in one printers?
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    Choose between CANON PIXMA MP258 All in One Printer and HP DeskJet F4488

    Hi Guys I am planning to buy All in One Printer with Print,Copy,Scan functionality. My general use will be normal use of text print out and Text copies and will be using scanner more often. Till now I have finalize 2 models 1. CANON PIXMA All in One Printer - Print Copy Scan MP258 2...
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    new Cell phone in 15K

    I want to buy a new Cell phone . My budget is around 15 K . Kindly suggest some good phone. Currently I am considering: Nokia 5800 Nokia N79
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    Suggest good phone @8K to 10k.

    Are you sure 5320 is not available in india. From this link * Phone is available in different stores in India.
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    Suggest good phone @8K to 10k.

    I am considering Nokia 5320 XpressMusic. Can u guys tell me your opinion about this phone. On specification It looks best with having Symbian OS 9.3. Kindly suggest
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    Suggest good phone @8K to 10k.

    Hi I am looking for good phone with feature like FM radio, Camera (2MP will do), and will good performance in terms of basic phone feature like Call quality, battery like and phone performance. Budget 8k max 10K. I have used Nokia phones in past and they work quite well. Kindly suggest good...
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    Need External Modem or Router for Airtel broadband

    Hi there I need one external modem to use with Airtel broadband. Can someone suggest me Modems or Routers that work with Airtel broadband kindly also mention price if possible .My budget is around 1500 rupees On internet I was able to find Dlink GLB-502T and DLINK 502T ADSL works with...
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    Launch Search Engine for .Net Developers

    I would like to mention a new search engine for dot net developers. This search engine uses Google Custom Search Engine technology to provide dramatically improved search results for software developers using VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET and other .NET technologies. It searches only the best of sites...
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    best LCD TV for 25,000

    No reply, I think I have posted my query in wrong section ?
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    best LCD TV for 25,000

    I want to buy LCD TV preferably of around 26 inches. My budget is around Rs 25,000. I have found 2 models till now Samsung-LA26R71B BORDEAUX for Rs 27,500 and LG-26LC7R for 27,800 Could some one here suggest batter model for that price range
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    Microsoft Live@edu

    really great and working on Firefox too. You just need silverlight.
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    Now, get SMS alerts free of cost!

    2 rupees is only one time cost service is free for lifetime.
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    Now, get SMS alerts free of cost!

    Service is good and working fine. I am getting 7-8 SMS daily
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    Dell Inspiron 1520 review

    Dell Inspiron 1520 is no longer available in India it is replaced by Dell Inspiron 1525. So you can't get Dell Inspiron 1520 in India now
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    Compilers For C And C++ ?

    visual studio 2008 express edition Just give it a try your search would be over.
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