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    How to Play *.avi video file

    I have WinXP with SP2 and Windows Media Player 10. When I download any video file that has an extension of avi and I try to play it with Windows Media Player 10, only sound comes without any video. Can anybody tell me that what's a problem? Why I can't see avi video file.
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    Windows Media Player problem?

    I have P4 with Win XP SP2 Installed & windows media player 10. I have only two users in my computer with Administrative privilege. When I start windows media player with one user it gives me an error that "Internal application errror occured" and closed. When I start windows media player with...
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    Win 98 Installation Problem

    :?: I have Win Me on C: Drive & Win Xp on D: Drive. I want to use win98 also. Can I replace Win Me with Win98 or can I install win 98 without loosing other Win Me & Win XP. Please help me.
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