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    [For Sale] Gaming desktop in Bangalore

    Interested for 10K
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    [For Sale] Gigabyte g41m combo with intel xeon x3220/intel core 2 quad q6600

    Re: Gigabyte g41m combo with iintel core 2 quad q6600 (lower price) Hi, I am Interested, Please tell me whether the processor is compatible with the mother board. If yes, I am interested
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    [For Sale] Gaming desktop in Bangalore

    can you publish the pics - - - Updated - - - Interested for r 10k
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    HIGH END GAMING RIG for sale

    is this price is including with monitor
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    iBerry Auxus CoreX2 3G and Auxus CoreX4 3G Tablet + Phone

    can you please tell me how you rooted
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    [For Sale] Clearance Sale (Speakers, fans, Mobiles, key boards, Mouse, Modem, GFX card and TV tuner card)

    Hi I am interested in TV Tuner card I am from Mangalore. Tell me wat to do next
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    Seagate 2TB Internal HDD - Latest Model for SALE

    I am interested . can i pickup from your location looking for your reply Please check ur PM
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    [For Sale] 3yr old Desktop- Quad core q9650 - 4gb Ram - DG45id mobo - 9600gt- vx450 psu - cabinet+tvtuner

    dear Sir I am interested in buying wireless Keyboard and mouse for rs 600 please tell me what to do next reserve the same for me
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    MSI R 6670 MD1GD5 Graphic Card

    I am interested in Buying i7+MB+PSU+RAM Can you tell me the price for full bundle
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    15" TFT monitor

    I want to buy 15" used lcd monitor, I am from mangalore Price should be 1000-1200
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    OHP ( over head Projector )

    Hi, I want to buy an OHP( over head projector) within a range of 1000-1500. If anybody want to sell please let me know
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    AverMedia Aver TV Super 009 in Warranty for Sale

    Dear Sir, Price is too high for second hand goods. Available for 1080/- from It depot. Check the link below Theitdepot - AVerTV Super 009 Internal TV Tuner Card (M733)
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    7" LCD Display from any make even forn portable DVD

    friends I want to buy a 7" LCD display for my school project. It can be fron any source, like portable DVD player, LCD car monitor etc Should be in working condition. Price within 1200 If anybody have please let me know I am from Mangalore Karnataka
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    overhead projector

    I want to purchase a overhead projector, within a price range of Rs 1200 Anybody have it please let me know, it should be in working condition I am from Mangalore Karnataka
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    Core2Duo E7500 2.93GHz & GeForce 9500GT

    Check your PM Need Graphics card
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    Xfx 9800gt

    Please check your PM sir
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    Hauppauge WinTV PVR-500 Media Center Edition Kit

    Please see your PM for my offer sir
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    5670 hd and windows 7

    Inspite of using ati drivers, go to asus site and search latest drivers for your product. In my search I found 7 driver installer files under VGA for your EAH 5670 Grafix card. Download and install latest version "Version 8.782", which is compatible for your product...
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    5670 hd and windows 7

    Download and install latest drivers from asus site.
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