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    Asus X507UA very slow

    thanks bro. helped a bit :)
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    Asus X507UA very slow

    very helpful bro. tried some of the above and its quite better now. thanks again
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    Asus X507UA very slow

    thanks for reply bro. anybody, any other suggestions?
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    Asus X507UA very slow

    i just bought Asus X507UA-EJ-215T laptop. overall its a good machine but its VERY SLOW. i mean even Chrome takes forever to load in it. it seems main culprit is Antimalware service excutable. i think its part of windows defender, bundled with pre-installed Win 10. any suggestions to remove it...
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    The Official Windows 7 Discussion Thread

    didnt try that. anyways its done now. thanks for reply
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    The Official Windows 7 Discussion Thread

    thanks guys. Tried many things but ultimately had to format.
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    The Official Windows 7 Discussion Thread

    i m using windows 7 pro since last one year. suddenly windows explorer keeps on crashing on me. pls help guys. thanks in advance
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    Positive Experience Stellar service!

    i also had good experience with Flipkart many times
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    Official OnePlus 2 Discussion Thread

    totally agree with u
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    Use Indian rupee symbol in your MS word

    thanks for sharing bro...
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    Launched - Un-Official website of BSNL Data Card

    thanks bro for creating a helpful site and SHARING it here :)
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    Idea in Mumbai

    exactly...didnt read it anywhere...
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    DVD movie saoftware

    thanks for help guys !
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    DVD movie saoftware

    will try surely ! will surely try what u hv suggested bro ! the softwares which i was trying were taking anything between 3 to 4 hrs ! well i hv nero 7 but could not find option to make DVd movie. thanks for help guys. any more suggestions ?
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    best P2P software

    bro i m using limewire since last two years and m very happy with it !
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    DVD movie saoftware

    i hv some movies on my hard disk which i want to burn on DVDs, so i can play them on my regular DVD player...i hv tried some softwares. 1 or 2 were very slow and 2 were not giving good picture quality. can anyone here plzzzz suggest any good software ! thanks in advance guys !!
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    Insert Key diskette error in Kundli 2000 software

    he never said he PURCHASED the software bro !!
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    Will Ramgopal Verma Ki Aag>>>>>succeeds

    it IS a big flop bro ! 15-20% openings everywhere.
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    error new hardware found VGA device

    thanks bro..will try this.
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    error new hardware found VGA device

    since last few days whenever i restart my comp i m getting this message error-new hardware found-VGA device it prompts me to intall this software and then it says that could not install hardware why its happening...there has been no new hardware installation on my comp... guys plz...
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