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    15'' or 17'' TFT/CRT monitor

    I have a HP 17" lcd at delhi for Rs.2300 if anyone interested can pickit
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    MB and CPU

    Interested in buying a chepo MB cpu am2, am3 i am from Delhi
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    For Sale: Seagate 320GB HDD

    I am interested i am from delhi how much warranty left
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    4Sale Windows mobile

    The links are there. just click the coloured text. rajan
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    4Sale Windows mobile

    I want to sell Krome IQ200 Windows phone for Rs.2100/- comes with charger, headphone, 1gb sd. Yfrog - h3r.jpg same as this one Qtek 8080 - Full phone specifications and a iBall SMPS Yfrog - smps for Rs.250/- + shipping I am from delhi.
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    1 gb minisd

    Sorry I was away I could not reply early Image of mini sd posted here *
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    1 gb minisd

    I have a 1gb Sandisk MiniSD card I want exchange it for 1gb microsd card I am from Delhi
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    FS: Palit 8400 GS Super

    I do not have bill location delhi rajan
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    FS: Palit 8400 GS Super

    Palit 8400 GS 512mb ddr2 for sale Price Rs.1500/- new card Mfr date March 2009 received as replacement.
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    7600gt 256mb ddr3 AGP

    7600gt 256mb AGP card with DDR3 from for Rs.3500 + shipping. Bought in Jan 2007. I do not have the bill but the card has a sticker on it stating date of purchase. card sold may kindly close the thread. thanks
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    Point of View NVidia 6200 256mb AGP Card

    POV GeForce 6200 256mb AGP Card One year old card location Delhi Rs.1500/-
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    Mega Hardware Sale

    I am from delhi how much is the cabinet.
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    N-gage QD

    I want to buy it for rs.3000. i am from delhi
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    Geforce 6200 256 MB AGP 8x XFX

    I am interested I am from Delhi may pm me
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    BiG GeForce 6200 AGP 8x 256MB for SALE

    Have you sold the card at 2k I am interested.
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