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    Installing Linux from iso image . . . but from ntfs drive

    looks like u answerd ur query in ur previous post itself . remember i said long shot already . u could make a linux boot floppy , instructions might be on the pcq 05 cd itself . when i tried , the vmlinuz files they use to boot up doesnt support ntfs during installation ie , u might not be...
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    Installing Linux from iso image . . . but from ntfs drive

    long shot , if u have win98 bootable cd , boot with it , and go to use computer with cd rom or similar option (long time since i been there ;) ) . else use digits old freedos bootable cd and go to free dos and initiate the pcq lin boot process from loadlin . it might be in the dosutils...
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    help me fix this bug. a newbie! :(

    - do u get the same prob when using other logins ? - do u get the same prob when using safe mode ? - try chkdsk for ur hdd and a defrag - try changing ur page file settings - check ur event viewer for errors - do u have all the updated drivers for ur devices . - try reinstalling ur...
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    how to check if a RAM is Genuine

    u could try the manufacturers site , or dealerships in india or ur city , just give them a ring and give ur part number and serial number . if u wanna check if ur module is working well , just fun that mem86 test program
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    Strange problem

    assuming ur were using onboard graphics prior to ur ati card , - check the bios settings for AGP , apeture and stuff connected with ur graphics . - try changing these settings or if that doesnt work , reset the bios . - have u uninstalled the previous drivers for ur old graphics ? -...
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    Front panel audio connection onboard help needed?

    try checking the manual or intels website . I think ur board works with multiple speaker output , while ur cabinet works only for 2 speakers , ie two channel output . under normal situations , front panel audio is mainly used only for head phones , so that u dont have to go back all they way to...
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    19 inch monitor or 15 inch lcd ?

    @grin-d : thanks for the explaination . Hope prices of LCDs go down soon .
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    Your PC suddenly does not POST What do you Suspect?

    Which M/B are u using ??? r u able to run the system ? my a7v8x-mx , does not beep , hasnt done this from the first day , but the system runs fine and speakers work . But still i can get error beeps correctly , if i remove the ram or install a faulty video card .
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    19 inch monitor or 15 inch lcd ?

    Q: do LCD monitors run on less power ? if so is it better to have LCD monitors for low capacity UPS ?????
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    [PREVIEW] April 2005 Digit DVD

    @Dig : is it possible to buy an issue directly from the Dig chennai office (if there is one) instead of getting it at the newstand and if found corrupted asking for a replacement ? . that way we might be able to even get it checked for errors if any . i think u have an office near nungambakkam...
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    Weird Dialog Boxes

    try checking - system resources - virus / spyware - uninstall and reinstall your graphics drivers and directx - do u get the same kinda fonts in other themes in appearance and does it also occur in safe mode or another user name ?
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    Dictionary for Linux

    didnt PCQ Debian have a couple of dictionaries in it ?
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    Weird Dialog Boxes

    try changing the desktop settings > appearance back to windows standard . or run system file checked to verify if any of the font or system files are corrupted
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    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    kuery : any shops in chennai that sell working old EDO , sdrams , 16 / and 32 mb modules for old p1 boards , plus , video card with 8 mb or so mem
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    speaker problem

    ok lose connection in the speaker itself where the volume control is attached . if u open it up , mostly there might be dust or something blocking the volume control internally , could even be worn out soldering . so try cleaning the controls both externally and internally . hopefully with...
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    how to play ea sports baseball 2004

    abt that particular game or abt real life baseball . i like baseball . similar to cricket , but u got to run through 4 bases to score one run , or hit the ball outta the park (or into the stands ) for a home run . unlike cricket , u have to run for every ball u make contact with , even if it...
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    Bad Clusters

    if i aint mistaken , bad sectors can also be shown , because of corrupt data or fat . like the time i had first quater of my disk brand new 120gb showing up as bad sector . just took the manufactureres disk utilities and ran a couple of test and then bad sectors were gone and hdd is fine now ...
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    speaker problem

    try attaching ur speakers to a walkman or music systems , to make sure right one works or not check if the wires of the speakers are a problem , just take one end of the wire , while music is playing and just twist the wires a bit and move along the other end of the wire , if there is sound...
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    HELP:-->DVD is Not read but CD is read in DVD ROM in RedHat8

    ok not sure how u run kudzu from inside xwindows , but what u could do is , remove ur drive , boot into linux , kudzu will ask if u wanna configure/remove drive , choose yes . not attach the device again and kudzu will again as for the same option and hopefully , it might be detected as a dvd...
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    Solution for Samsung CD-RW Drive tray problem

    ok , havent been totally fiddling with the samsung cdrw (ie , havent opened it koz r/w is working) , but the tray problem is some cases seem to be because from left and right side of the tray are moved in and out of the drive at difference speeds , as in the side with the motor moves first and...
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