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    New PC Please recommend

    Hi ! I am considering to buy a new PC in couple of days and have come to following config. Please suggest if anything missing / better can be added. My budget is abt 50,000 rs. ( i asked some vendors and it comes close to that. is it okay ? ) CPU : intel pentium D 805 Rs 6000 /- Mobo ...
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    Music Album Info ?

    Hi ! i have a huge collection of mp3s on my HD. well most of it is organised in folders via Artists name :) BUT for some files i dont know the album name :( so i wanted to ask if there is any software that can help me in finding album name, year, genere of the mp3 files thanks in...
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    Hotmail in all new avataar

    i like it now that i have been using it for some time wats not to like huh ? :? it's clear, fast, simple & has a lot of added features specially, when comparing it with yahoo mail beta; i must say, Microsoft has done something right and better here :D
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    The best broadband offers available across India

    ISP: Global Network Solutions City: Mumbai Specific Areas: Mulund Plan Name: Plan 40 Speed Offered: 40 kbps Usage Limitation (Mb / Gb): Unlimited Validity: 1 Month Price: 193 per month Comments: seriously usefull ! though plan is 40 kbps it is much more than that !! i downloaded itunes 6...
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    motherboard & processor query

    hey guys ! i want to upgrade my PC this diwali :D so i wanted to know costs of this mobo & processor in Mumbai if its avalable in India or is to be avalable till Diwali : mobo : MSI 945G Neo processor : Intel Pentium D 820 RAM: 1GB may be 533MHz as mo-bo has support for Thanks...
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    how can i get these files from the CD ?

    thanks hey swatcat , thanks a tonnnnnne !!!!!!!! that was coooooool :D
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    how can i get these files from the CD ?

    Hi ! A friend of mine gave me some videos on a CD with the help of ' nero burning rom ' but since he didn't knew much about it he screwed it ! Now when i insert the CD there is nothing in it but in nero rom it shows that vodeo files are present in shows that the CD has video files...
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    [By Demand] May 2005 DVD

    pllllllz include this !!!!!! hi digit ! :D m a fan of u since ur 1st issue in june 2001 while u include things on win - lin such as trends , stuffs , freewres , articles ....... wh dont u hav at least reviews of apple products ??? :cry: plz hav them lattest being say preview of OS X...
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