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    Best 5.1 Speaker for Computer under 6 K ?

    That is one confusing question :D. Putting myself in your shoes this would be my reasoning Monitor over Speaker if I) I watch a lot of HD 1080p movies/FHD videos on youtube etc 2) I have a graphics card capable of running games at FHD with medium/high settings 3) You do lot of...
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    Best 5.1 Speaker for Computer under 6 K ?

    The center channel of the DA5000 is lower in volume in comparison to the rest of the units of the speaker. However , it is easy to set the same all you need to do is increase the volume to a slightly higher level and individually reduce the volume levels of the Front/Rear to around 3/4th to half...
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    Upgrade over existing gaming rig (51-70k budget)

    I have not really explored into the field of overclocking till date , overclocking would mean i would need to spend on some good cooling solutions beyond 3-4k as well so doubtful I would go that lane. I intend to buy a GPU later and it has to give atleast 10-15 FPS performance better than my...
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    Upgrade over existing gaming rig (51-70k budget)

    What is your budget? 50-70k What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - AMD PHENOM 965 3.4 Ghz Motherboard - Gigabyte - (Dont remember model no) GPU - MSI GTX 560 ti HAWK EDITION RAM - Corsair Value Ram 1333 Mhz (4*2gb) Monitor - BenQ...
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    [For Sale] Audio Technica AD700 for sale

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    [For Sale] Audio Technica AD700 for sale

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL:Audio Technica AD700 Expected Price: Rs 4500/- Time of Purchase: Somewhere between March-May 2011 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No | 0 Months Reason for Sale: Need money to fund other purchases. Purchase...
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    Signature Acoustics C12 - Brielfy compared with TF10/RE262/M3

    Impressions of C12 from my end ... Packaging :- Packing is really good , as good as any IEM offered in the sub 4k category . The case offered looks really beautiful , but i always feel it would be more helpful in protecting me from stopping a bullet hit at me rather than carrying IEM's. The...
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    [Complaint] Micromax, the company run by Satan himself!!

    Update to post #108 I was happy that my Micromax Device is finally back , but to my shock the service centre guys told providing a new screen still did not fix the issue , so now they have sent the tab to the HQ to see what can be done , an estimate of another 10-15 days is given . This is...
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    [Complaint] Micromax, the company run by Satan himself!!

    TBH i have not used my funbook since i bought it cause of the display issue . Good news is my funbook has come back from repairs so thats about 8-9 days time which is pretty good IMO . Let me see how well has it been repaired and how long it will last.
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    [Complaint] Micromax, the company run by Satan himself!!

    yeah and this is my 2nd service . First time the tablet was not showing any display that they resolved in 2 days but gave me a washed out display , after 5 months of that now i have given them again. I had to run temple run to show them color is washed out.
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    [Complaint] Micromax, the company run by Satan himself!!

    Went to RMA centre on Saturday to RMA my funbook , was getting washed out colors on the display. They had shifted their location and not updated on site took me around a hour calling different numbers to get their office location. Finally found it and submitted , was told display is faulty they...
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    Headphones for sports use for 4k max...

    Check out the sennheiser PX100-ii at arnd 3.5k , or the Audio Technica m35
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    [Views] Take care while purchasing G Skill memory kits

    Better to buy a Corsair memory kit and be rest assured of awesome service
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    Cleaned My PC + Xonar ST shots

    @RCuber And that phase is a never-ending phase :) Congrats on your buy .
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    [For Sale] Sennheiser HD 598 and Brainwavz R1

    Product Name: Sennheiser HD 598 Expected Price: Rs. 12500 shipped (Get a EP630(very slight loose jack issues) + pl-11 (perfectly fine) free with the purchase.) Time of Purchase: November 2nd 2012 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Till Nov 2nd 2014 Reason for Sale: Want to buy...
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    [Complaint] Samsung laptop service center has appointed illiterate engineers (PUNE)

    I figured out their laptop service would be hopeless when i called them to ask if samsung latpops have service center in goa , to my dismay the engineer logged a ticket and told some1 will call me within 24 hrs and inform me about the same , i got no call and i did not go for the laptop.
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    SoundMAGIC ES 18 Earphone-find me one?

    @Minion 19-06-2012, 07:09 PM is the date/time of the query :D .
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    WTB VSonic GR02 Bass Edition from HIFINAGE

    At end of day ultimate goal of any business is profit mate :) , only place i felt he was too stringent was his laws and conditions , any physical defect if present will be approved if and only if you open the parcel infront of courier person and do not sign the courier papers , i mean which...
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