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    Windows Startup Sounds - 1.0 to 98 to ME to Vista

    A video of how Microsoft's Startup sounds have evolved throughout the ages, from Windows 1.0, all the way to Windows Vista. There are even some extra beta sounds thrown in there that didn't make it into the final builds. Enjoy! Video Here...
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    SATA Disk Configuration enable advanced performance

    If you have a SATA disk in your Vista Machine, checkout the properties for the SATA disk in the system properties. There's a setting called enable advanced performance in the Vista properties which is disabled by default. The setting is an optional setting for enabling write caching on the Sata...
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    Hack Windows Update to download Vista SP1 Beta

    How to trick Windows Update into thinking you are supposed to get the Beta SP1. It’s just two registry settings that need modifying, after which Windows Update will begin feeding you the components required for SP1 beta. Here’s an easy way to do it. 1.Open a text editor like Notepad, and...
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    No Safe Mode

    Whenever I try to start my computer in a safe mode I get the folllowing message.Please some help me. "A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. If this is the first time you've seen this screen then restart your computer(But it comes every...
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    Cant restore system using 'System Restore'

    I Can`t Restore my system using system restore. Whenever I try to I get a message "System Restore is not able protect your computer.Please restart your computer,and then run System Restore again" When I restart my computer I get same message. Please helf me some one.
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