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    Phone confusion

    sam andro 2.3 is very good and much better and it is the phone to pay that price tag or he can wait for a couple of month and get that phone for much better price battery of ando phones sux but thier are some phones with great life being andro
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    Dominos ate my money

    i would have ruined them even for .75 it is your hard earned money **** them hard
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    Spice Mi 410: 4.1" 1Ghz affordable power Android power house

    wireless tethering is a good feature
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    By Demand [July 2011]

    angry birds for pC
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    need help guys on my laptop purchase!!

    never go for asus please please please please asus laptops are bullshit they have got nothing go for alienware m14x for 82K it is best
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    Phone confusion

    without a second thought go for htc wildfire s search it on google view it and decide it is about 15K and best value for money
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    Android os in nokia n8

    no optimus x2 has got no minus but it runs on android 2.2 but very soon it will be getting ndroid 2.3 update
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    By Demand [July 2011]

    plzz give some posts realted to hardware fun i mean building devices plzz and hardcore one you should do something for those who love soldering you stopped featuring hardcore device building for those who dont have enough guts to touch some hot material
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    Android os in nokia n8

    wait for about 8 months from now and get yourself a samsung galaxy s2 it is impossible to get android on n8 i also trie it on my n8 and e7 but didnt work wasting youre tym iver android on n8 and e7 is bullshit :)
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    Upgrading the antique piece

    heya guyz i bought my PC four years back it is a perfect antique now and i wanna upgrade it plzz suggest the best value for money my budget is 30K and suggest a good Graphics card plzzz Here is my present specification: Company-Compaq Model-SR1933IL Motherboard-ECS Asterope3 Chipset-ATI...
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    Digit CTC - III Discussion Thread!

    same here
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    Trouble in deciding external HDD

    without any second thought go for 500 gb seagate goflex
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    Urgently Need to buy a high end gaming rig under 85k

    it is too tough to find such a fantastic desktop for such a budget. but you can get a very high end laptop for a tag of 82K and it will fulfil all your needs but not the screen size needs and the laptop is ofcourse alienware M14x it has got a 500gb hdd upgrading it too 1tb will take only about...
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