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  1. satyamy

    Best Dual SIM android phone?

    Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos... +1
  2. satyamy

    Faulty motherboard, what to do next?

    get the mobo replaced via Toshiba itself
  3. satyamy

    [Complaint] no bill received with phone ordered from Sulekha

    I read the whole thread and found sulekhateamperson created new users id (only 1 post) just to reply to your thread wow! Great ThinkDigit
  4. satyamy

    Nokia Lumia 800 or Samsung Omnia W

    Samsung Omnia W - Because it has Front Camera
  5. satyamy

    Choosing android or windows phone in 15K range

    Windows Phones are much better than Android (if you sacrifice in term of Bluetooth) Go for Samsung Omnia W i8350
  6. satyamy

    can you believe this 100 Core CPU x_x

    Re: can u beliveve this 100 Core CPU x_x so whats the cost ?? anybody from digit buying it :P ???
  7. satyamy

    Start your website Today for just Rs. 499

    Life means ? It will work(alive) till the hosting is valid.........
  8. satyamy

    Best laptop for 30k max

    +1 for Lenovo used it personally its better than Dell and Much Better than Sony Viao
  9. satyamy

    URGENT BUYING by tomorrow 2pm

    basic rule, if you are a gamer your main need is Graphics, Proc & RAM almost all laptop have same common features in terms of HDD, Screen Size, Proc etc... but Graphics are different in most cases so just do a little research in market and decide it on the spot as per Graphics Quality things...
  10. satyamy

    Courier Service Feedback

    nope its not like what you are thinking they dont come walking they also send parcel using Train or Bus Transport but they wait for more parcels and send all in lot by this way they get it at cheaper rates now its upto your luck when they get their desired qty of parcels and they start the...
  11. satyamy

    Courier Service Feedback

    TNT is India's Cheapest and Slowest Courier Service It can even take 15-20 days if sender and receiver are in differnet States
  12. satyamy

    Courier Service Feedback

    Re: Best Courier Service (VFM) Gati for Me Cheap & Accurate time of Delivery
  13. satyamy

    How to convert static website into dynamic website??

    if u know HTML than probably u know Javascript and not Java and charges depends of Web Designer's quality of work i think 15K is ok for creating dynamic site Both Asp.Net & PHP is fine but for u need to have Windows Hosting, which come little costlier for PHP you can enjoy in...
  14. satyamy

    How to convert static website into dynamic website??

    their is no readymade software type thing to convert website from static to dynamic u need to have a knowledge of programming language & database eg : PHP + MySQL than u can make the dynamic website yourself as per your need
  15. satyamy

    Has anybody travelled to Australia via Singapore ?

    My Friend is flying to Australia via Singapore this Saturday on a few months trip, he will be carrying his Laptop Since trip is little long so he have lots of movie in Laptop I know their will be no problem in Australia but One of my friend said that Piracy is not allowed in Singapore...
  16. satyamy

    config for 30k

    few months ago i was searching for a motherboard replacement for my P4 3.2HT Proc for Installing Win 7 & Play Fifa i requested & my Lamington dealer gave me for temp (2days) use Intel Board supporting DDR2 RAM (forget model no., will let u know soon with screen preview) approx cost 3500/-...
  17. satyamy

    config for 30k

    Close ur eyes & go for this Intel Sandy Bridge i5 with Intel H67 PCH gives owesum performance, also has 10 channel audio supports i.e. 7.1 speaker so its best deal yes u can save ur little money on cabinet by searching a local brand with 2-3 fans cost approx rs. 800-900, frm tht money u can...
  18. satyamy

    Phone below 3.5k

    I suggest Increase ur budget & go for Nokia X2-01 approx Rs. 4250 else Nokia 2700 Classic @ Rs. 3750
  19. satyamy

    Old TV Video Games

    Yes Many Time still playing on PC using ROM
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