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  1. codename_romeo

    Bluetooth Headset for Iphone 5

    Hi All, I have been using a Jabra Wave headset for the past 2 years with my Iphone 5. I wanted to change into some other headset but whenever I search online I see that most of the headsets have some connectivity issues with Iphone 5. Can anyone suggest a good bluetooth headset which doesnt...
  2. codename_romeo

    Laptop upgrade advice (RAM and Hard Drive)

    Hi Innara I recently upgraded my Sony Vaio CW series from a HDD to a SSD. Prior to that I was plagued by the question "whether to upgrade my hdd or RAM?". I decided to buy a SSD and now I dont feel the need to upgrade my RAM any more. Now my 4 years old laptop boots in less than 10 seconds and...
  3. codename_romeo

    Need SSD advice

    Hi All, I have a Sony Vaio CCW26fg laptop. It's about 3.5 yrs old now. I am planning to upgrade to a mac but it doesn't seem to be coming within the next 1.5 yrs. Though I do not have any major complains regarding the system I was thinking about upgrading the hdd to a SSD and ram to 8gigs...
  4. codename_romeo

    [For Sale] Steelseries Siberia Full Sized Headset

    Is the product still available?
  5. codename_romeo

    Post your latest Purchase

    The three cellphones I own at this moment - iPhone 3GS, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Blackberry Bold 9900.
  6. codename_romeo

    Configuring company mail on Iphone 3GS

    Hey fellow forum members I wanted to configure my company mail on my iPhone 3GS. We use lotus notes for the company mail. Can someone help me with the same?
  7. codename_romeo

    Hosting CS server on steam

    Hi guys Need a guide on how to start a CS 1.6/CZ server on steam, which my other friends can also access from their resepective cities.
  8. codename_romeo

    Which mouse?

    See I have been playing CS for the past 12 years, but the thing is I have always played it with any godamn mouse. Considering that I used a Salmosa couple of days back and I could feel the difference the mouse was making to my game. G9X seems to be too big for my hands and a lot more wider.
  9. codename_romeo

    Which mouse?

    Will keep the query really plain. I m a Right handed guy, for CS which mouse will be the best ? Death Adder or Mamba, currently have a Razer Salmosa(for gaming needs) & MS Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500(for office needs). Apart from CS I play mostly COD. Consider money no issue.
  10. codename_romeo

    Http Proxy settings for android ?

    AFAIK there is one option of accessing wifi through proxy on androids but it requires rooting the phone. The same problem exists with BB OS too.
  11. codename_romeo

    Need feedback about quality of BH-217

    Thanks Sarath. I am mainly concerned about the call quality and comfort of use.
  12. codename_romeo

    Need feedback about quality of BH-217

    Hey guys Its been a long time i have posted in this forum. By the way i wanted an opinion on how Nokia BH-217 performs. Please reply asap, coz i plan to buy it in a couple of days.
  13. codename_romeo

    choosing DSLR - Nikon/Canon @ <32K

    Yeah Canon 550D or Nikon D3100/5000 are the best you can buy in that range. Trust me very soon you would be needing a 50-250mm/50-300mm lens as well as a 50mm lens. DSLR photography is a passion....
  14. codename_romeo

    Need Help regarding software

    Hey guys i wanted to know the names of the probable softwares that can be used to make animation and videos like the one i am posting below. YouTube - Social Media Revolution Regards Codename_romeo
  15. codename_romeo

    Sony Vaio CW26FG Review

    Getting more than 2.5 hrs with brightness at more than 50%. SO pretty good till now. Thats about watching movies and browsing the net, dont play games when its on battery.
  16. codename_romeo

    32 bit Softwares on 64 bit os

    Okie. If we can run 32bit softwares on 64bit os, then i guess shouldnt be unsolvable for most other problems..... will post later with specific problems ( when i actually face them )
  17. codename_romeo

    32 bit Softwares on 64 bit os

    I use win 7 . Connecting to 32bit servers from a 64bit os ????? Will that be a problem???
  18. codename_romeo

    32 bit Softwares on 64 bit os

    Hi guys Can anyone tell me is there any issue when i try to run 32 bit softwares on a 64 bit os ? I have no clue which softwares in particular am i gonna need to use, as they would be provided by the college in a few months. So in general is there any specific way of running 32bit softwares on...
  19. codename_romeo

    Sony Vaio CW26FG Review

    Dude digi cam screwed up. Will get back asap. Dont wantu post pics from my E 63. Would spoil the entire beauty of the laptop
  20. codename_romeo

    help needed on batman arkham asylum!

    Please say no to piracy. Even i used to use pirated softwares in the past. But now i believe in actually purchasing the softwares so that the programmers get their due share.
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