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  1. pr.itdude

    Calling all Laptop Gurus.....[All in 1 thread]

    @akhil, dear kindly open a new thread, don't hijack it :) Is it really recommendable to buy "extra warranty" from DELL, as repairing from other shop can be a good option- (look from money perspective) ?? Still all questions unanswered....... where r u guyz.....?? :(
  2. pr.itdude

    Calling all Laptop Gurus.....[All in 1 thread]

    *bump* 56 views and no reply ?????? ye kya ho gaya TD ko...... :cry:
  3. pr.itdude

    Calling all Laptop Gurus.....[All in 1 thread]

    Why the hell, the forum doesn't have a "Laptop" section ?? Anyways, Planning for a desktop replacement. Budget 35K-36K (better the lower). According to my specs requirement and based on reviews of users on different forums, i have shortlisted these : 8-) Dell Inspiron 15R (T540605IN8)...
  4. pr.itdude

    which laptop to buy??

    Re: Dell inspiron without in OS ?? @tboss, he asked without OS.... I guess NO, Anyone can say YES ?? Plz tell if so.....
  5. pr.itdude

    Wipro wase or Tcs ignite ? pls help me

    i think u must go for tcs. coz a bond of 2 yrs is acceptable but spending 4 yrs is not advisable, IMO. Rest is upto, look what u need and want.....ask urself. Both companies n programs are gud. All the best :)
  6. pr.itdude

    Spain the FIFA WORLD CUP CHAMIONS for the First Time in History of Football

    Felicitaciones a España y al pulpo también !! :) means Congratulations to Spain and the octopus !! ;)
  7. pr.itdude

    The XP's black screen problem....

    @abhi thnx 4 rplying....but these are basic things and b4 posting here i usually do whatever things possible by my side. I already bought a new DVD drive and this one is absolutely fine. I tried with a different stick (a 1 GB). No issues with that...... @Gaurav i tried installing both sp2 n...
  8. pr.itdude

    New connection

    I m still using Voda and quite satisfied coz in my area the cheapest options Reliance n Aircel dont have strong signal strength. Reliance is good VFM option, but do check the network strength in ur area first !! :)
  9. pr.itdude

    The XP's black screen problem....

    Hii guyz, I was facing this since several months and so delayed the formatting n reinstalling of xp. But i must format the drive n install a fresh copy. Whenever i put the cd, it boots n then "Setup is inspecting your h/w config." screen comes and then BLACK....everything goes black and...
  10. pr.itdude

    The Hang[Over] and over again....... ;)

    isn't there any tool which can detect problem in PSU....??
  11. pr.itdude

    The Hang[Over] and over again....... ;)

    I suspect the same.... Checked CPU temp in BIOS: 65-70 deg C Checked after booting using SpeedFan : 75-80 deg C after constantly monitoring the Temp, found it shook upto 100 deg C. (during CPU usage 100%) Also, fan1 is working sometimes, and sometimes not, though dont know which fan it is...
  12. pr.itdude

    The Hang[Over] and over again....... ;)

    cleaned up the whole cabinet, swapped the wires.... did a chkdsk, and now its quite working but still not as smooth as it supposed to. Moreover, after changing the battery too, the CMOS date/time reset problem still it due to PSU ?? How can i check PSU...coz looking at it doesnt...
  13. pr.itdude

    The Hang[Over] and over again....... ;)

    Hmm....i was thinking the same, being aarami ;) just did a Temp check...and found it normal. With Delhi heat, i must wipe off the cabinet now !! And yes, the BIOS battery has expired, resetting sys date/time on each boot. :( Can hdd glitches result the same ??
  14. pr.itdude

    The Hang[Over] and over again....... ;)

    bump.............. :|
  15. pr.itdude

    6 months to go for placement. What to do now?

    First thing first, we all know On Campus Placements are better opportunity than Off-campus placements. Why ? Coz the other aspirants are 4m ur clg and friend circle, the technical level/knowledge is roughly same (except some geniuses and certified guyz). So what really comes into play is the...
  16. pr.itdude

    help about NETWORK job

    If u do global certification, that definitely gonna ADD to ur profile..... Companies always prefer candidates have certi, if u r planning for core Networking jobs. But u must do what u like to do leaving market assertions ....then only it may help u. I personally did training in RHCE (linux)...
  17. pr.itdude

    Mindtree Or Infosys?

    If i had to choose.....definitely Infi :-) Its the time where we can learn at our y not take some pain....(especially when its renowned training) Rest is up to u... Wishing good luck 4 future....;-)
  18. pr.itdude

    How to organize my Ebook collection?

    wow...i was looking 4 this from a long tym...thnks swatkat :P Btw, ur handle reminds me that awesome cartoon series.....was loving it :)
  19. pr.itdude

    The Hang[Over] and over again....... ;)

    Hi guyz.... Since Past few days, my desktop has started irritating me by frequent "hangs". It started with hanging after 5 minutes of the system startup....but now it hangs frequently while no bulky process running. It hangs even while net surfing. Though resumes quickly but its annoying...
  20. pr.itdude

    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    Hey guyz, asking all the movie buffs here, suggest me some good flicks, no action/sci-fi but some "feel good" kinda movie which i can watch without stretching my mind and enjoy my holidays....... ;) And if its rom-com, plz do mention that !! Cheers.... :) Btw, watched Raavan last weekend --...
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