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  1. patkim

    Experience Sharing – Laptop buying from amazon India

    The middleman has been successful in keeping the seal on carton box intact. I suspect box was opened from the bottom fold side somehow. That’s the precise reason why I think sealed stickers or warranty void stickers on the laptop itself could possibly be a deterrent factor here. Once they find...
  2. patkim

    Experience Sharing – Laptop buying from amazon India

    At present i am in discussion with Lenovo to see if they have any solution so that laptops wont be opened by middlemen. But does not look like they are much responsive to my mails. Once I get idea that they are sort of turning blind eye to my queries will most probably take the consumerhelpline...
  3. patkim

    Experience Sharing – Laptop buying from amazon India

    On Digit Laptop page this product is showcased with Buy-Now button and it appears that the specs are simply copied from Amazon. Clicking Buy-Now button takes me to the same ASIN on Amazon. While Digit page comes with a disclaimer that price and specs are subject to change, but the fact remains...
  4. patkim

    Experience Sharing – Laptop buying from amazon India

    Here I would like to post a recent laptop buying experience. I am not strictly complaining but I am completely stunned at this experience of laptop buying from amazon India. Sometime ago my relative was looking for a low-end budget laptop. His budget was not over 25K INR. He wanted 1 TB HDD as...
  5. patkim

    Need help in Home Setup

    Just to add some details What is the type of cable CAT5, 5e or 6? Did you buy it thru some local vendor cheap Chinese stuff or did you make one by crimping LAN connectors? A poorly crimped cable may negotiate to just 10 or 100 Mbps even though it is in principle capable of 1 Gbps if supported...
  6. patkim

    Replace PowerShell with Command Prompt option in right click within a folder?

    Install Winaero Tweaker * So far it's free. You may need admin account for proper install and working. Go to Context Menu option and select Command Prompt or Command Prompt as Administrator as required. Apply the changes.
  7. patkim

    Which free app can reduce the size of bulk images & videos stored on my PC

    For photos in PNG/JPG etc formats on Windows PC, see if ImageResizer for Windows Releases · bricelam/ImageResizer works for you. The app installs only as a context menu. Select all photo files and right click to opt for Resize.
  8. patkim

    Does LED tubelight break or explode?

    @soorajdigit LEDs run on constant small DC voltage and current. Since India has 230V AC, there’s a power driver circuit whose one end is 230V AC connecting to mains and other side is DC or whatever it takes to run the LED tube and bulb w/o a transformer inside it. This may develop fault. And...
  9. patkim

    Does LED tubelight break or explode?

    Once in my lifetime the LED bulb in my bathroom fused with a nasty blow. The case broke open and shattered to pieces when I pressed ON button. Thankfully it was bathroom light so I was outside while pressing the button. It’s not common but not impossible. I do not completely trust the LED...
  10. patkim

    Monitor getting No Signal, Motherboard- Asrock B450 Pro4

    Some basic troubleshooting Clear CMOS by shorting the CMOS/RST pins on mobo when PC is completely OFF from the mains. Check mobo manual for correct pin position or physically check on the board. Re-seat RAM a few times and recheck Swap RAM from one slot to another Reconnect all cables once...
  11. patkim

    External HDD not detected on my TV

    I have no idea about Android TV...some general comments here It's possible that for some natural variation in specs your laptop hdd (I assume standard 2.5" 3-5V device here) in question is slightly more power hungry than what USB 3 port on TV can supply. Do you have any other USB 3.0 port on TV...
  12. patkim

    Computer freezes (Windows 10) while using video chat in the telegram-desktop version

    Windows might have recorded an event for the freeze in the Event Viewer (System or Application section) check if it has any meaningful info for further debugging Next time when you run the app, before than take a clean-boot approach This will prevent non-MS services or any other third-party...
  13. patkim

    Inability to install Bangla Word on my Windows 7 PC

    The v1.9 available at the above download link installs just fine on my Windows 7 64 Ultimate SP1 in vmware virtual machine. I could not reproduce your issue. Of course there could be subtle differences between running an app on real hardware and in VM! You may like to consider some of the...
  14. patkim

    Inability to install Bangla Word on my Windows 7 PC

    If paid software take help from their support On Windows 7 after the installer hangs, most likely Windows 7 would have registered an event in the Event Viewer. Start analyzing that as a starting point. Disable antivirus. Restore windows 7 to earlier state if you had restore point and check...
  15. patkim

    Info Sharing - Putting Airtel GX 2122A in Bridge Mode - FTTH

    @senpai8267 The main purpose of writing that post on Bridge Mode was to overcome this limitation of ISP provided ONT router. The firmware is locked and it's custom made for an ISP by the vendor. You simply put that ONT in Bridge and virtually replace it with you own good quality feature rich...
  16. patkim

    Crucial P2 M2 SSD not performing optimally?

    A few possibilities & things to explore Crucial P2 series is I suppose DRAM-Less SSD. DRAM-Less SSDs are much slower than DRAM ones. This is one of the most important specifications which most manufacturers simply hide Update your chipset drivers. Download directly from AMD. Avoid mobo...
  17. patkim

    Using python's difflib to find text file difference and capturing output in excel

    I could not find .py file in the list of attachments, but I downloaded one sample script that uses difflib from GitHub (hopefully should be similar) and executed the script with the specified command. This is what I get. I am neither Excel expert nor I know anything in Python but I can give...
  18. patkim

    asus laptop asking to select boot device everytime i boot it

    Disable touchpad and use external USB mouse and see if the cursor is stable. Boot off live linux and observe cursor behavior.
  19. patkim

    asus laptop asking to select boot device everytime i boot it

    Check each and every BIOS option and see if there’s anything like always display boot menu and if that’s enabled. Every BIOS is different and I can only guess from here. Set BIOS to defaults and check again. It may be possible that the key that opens up boot menu (e.g. F7 F8 F12 whatever...
  20. patkim

    Want to Keep CPU Usage Less than 50% through out ? How to do it ?

    @vishk Apart from closing unwanted foreground apps, I would be curious to know how CPU usage would fare if you take a clean boot approach. (Unless the app itself internally runs as a service) It is of course not a normal approach but no harm in trying it out. From MS services shut down...
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