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  1. VarDOS

    [For Sale] Sealed Sony BDP-S1200

    Selling away the never used Sony BDP-S1200 Box-Pack Sealed BluRay Player. Expected Price (Rs.): 6000/- plus shipping Item Condition: 5 out of 5 (sealed pack) Purchase Date: October, 2014. Remaining Warranty Period: One Year Invoice Available?: No. Free Gift Reason for Sale: Free with LED...
  2. VarDOS

    Official iOS devices thread

    Re: Official iPhone/iPod Touch owners thread iPhone 5 already sold out in India. Checked several iStore's and Imagine Stores all of them are offering pre-orders and no ready stock. Well, I want to buy it ASAP any way by which I can get it cheap?
  3. VarDOS

    Iphone 5 India priceing & launch ?

    Re: Iphone 5 India priceing & launch ? Apple is not going to tie-up with any of the carriers this year, instead iStore is directly going to sell it. iGyaan is spreading false rumor. Even the price is not confirmed yet, neither the BGR has a word on it. Yesterday I asked iStore they...
  4. VarDOS

    Will it be worth getting the Galaxy Nexus now ?

    You won't get Lumia 920 or HTC 8X for 23k. Looking at your budget Galaxy Nexus is the best option.
  5. VarDOS

    Will it be worth getting the Galaxy Nexus now ?

    Galaxy Nexus is worth its price. Now since you have HTC 8X and Lumia 920 as option then definitely you have hefty bucks to spend. I'll suggest you to wait for either of these devices.
  6. VarDOS

    Iphone 5 India priceing & launch ?

    Re: Iphone 5 India priceing & launch ? If it is so then getting it from US/Canada or Singapore is the best deal. But I still think iPhone 5 will be priced at 44.5k for 16GB and 50k for 32GB. Waiting for another year? Nope, that's stupidness! Since 4S didn't come up with expected...
  7. VarDOS

    Should i upgrade to Galaxy Note 2 from my current Samsung galaxy it worth..?

    It depends upto you. If you are going to make the most of the additional features, yes do upgrade.
  8. VarDOS

    Iphone 5 India priceing & launch ?

    iPhone 5 is expected to launch close to Diwali. I think the pricing will be same as iPhone 4S, if not then getting it from USA is the best option.
  9. VarDOS

    Official iOS devices thread

    Re: Official iPhone/iPod Touch owners thread Eagerly waiting for the next gen iPhone and rumored MacBook Pro 13-inch with Retina Display.
  10. VarDOS

    Need a Wifi Router with USB ports.

    You can consider ASUS RT-N13U, it will suite your requirements but has only 1 USB.
  11. VarDOS

    What to ask from friend to bring returning from US???

    Amazon Kindle will be best!.. getting iPhone's will create customs issue. iPad will work though. iPod 5G will be better then. IEM's or Casio Gshock.
  12. VarDOS

    ASUS RT-N13U router problem

    RMA will end up to Rashi peripherals.. will they provide it?
  13. VarDOS

    ASUS RT-N13U router problem

    Hi Friends, After doing lot of research I decided to go with the ASUS RT-N13U router. I bought the router and connected it yesterday with my BSNL (UT300R2U) modem. It was easy to setup and I could surf within 2 minutes. I could surf WiFi on my iPod and even on Samsung Focus. My router runs...
  14. VarDOS

    Samsung Focus at 14000

    @rohit18rs: Recently I got Focus for 13k + Skullcandy Low Rider (Coupon) the phone is great. But 14k is much asked price for it. You can even get it cheaper than 13k..
  15. VarDOS

    Apple IPod 4G 32GB with Box

    There's nothing like US Warranty please update it. Apple offers World Wide warranty so if the pod is in warranty period warranty can be covered in India too.
  16. VarDOS

    Official iOS devices thread

    re: Official iPhone/iPod Touch owners thread Hello, My friend has purchased an iPhone 4 from the Apple iStore recently.. its running on iOS 4.3.2. He wanted to jailbreak it.. Now since he has brought it from iStore, it may not be on contract as he is using !dea SIM on it. Sn0wbreeze offers...
  17. VarDOS

    What song are you addicted to at the moment?

    Woodkid - Iron (Assassin's Creed - Revelations)
  18. VarDOS

    Post your latest Purchase

    congrats! my friend bought the same but 32inch from Dubai. He quotes its price to be 23k :O
  19. VarDOS

    AMD Bulldozer News and Discussion

    That's awesome deal, I'll be buying one first week of next month hope the price falls :P
  20. VarDOS

    Ipod touch 32 GB 4th Gen @16.5k

    16k at this moment is no brainer deal. I got my own iPT4 64GB for 17.7k from USA last October. Ask to buy one for you too if anybody is coming from USA that will be best possible deal and you can get your iPT 32GB for 14k+ or if you can wait then wait for 15days may be Apple is coming up with...
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