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  1. LegendKiller

    Lg G3 just 10 months old

    1. *Model number and details: LG G3 32gb 3gb Ram 2. *Date of purchase: 29/7/2014 3. Reason for sale: Looking to buy a new phone, super happy with performance 4. Warranty details: 1 year 5. *Expected Price: 25k (Bought at 50k, market price 35-40k) 6. *Location of Seller: Indirapuram...
  2. LegendKiller

    Need A Phone, Budget 15K

    Can't really base our choice of not picking zenfone 2 based on one guys review. here is a very good review *
  3. LegendKiller

    [For Sale] LG G3 32gb variant (10 mths old)

    1. *Model number and details: LG G3 32gb 3gb Ram 2. *Date of purchase: 29/7/2014 3. Reason for sale: Looking to buy a new phone, super happy with performance 4. Warranty details: 1 year 5. *Expected Price: 25k 6. *Location of Seller: Indirapuram, Ghaziabad 7. Contact : via pm 8. Expected...
  4. LegendKiller

    How much can I sell my old stuff for?

    what should be the buyback price for lg g3(32 gb) purchased in 07/2014 ?
  5. LegendKiller

    Will you get Galaxy S6??

    I have checked S6 out yesterday and it's bloody awesome, put my G3 to shame. I won't rely on those silly chinese/japanese 15K phones as they have no support structure in India......Fact that they rely on flash-sales, speaks volumes about their footprint in India. Even Motorola has no presence...
  6. LegendKiller

    Sakshi Tanwar to star in Game of thrones India

    WTF? This news is probably fake and I hope it remains a dream....
  7. LegendKiller

    Galaxy Note 4 : Samsung cheating on customers in India ?

    It seems some people can never be happy. for 3 years every spec-junky was slamming Samsung for two things : Plastic body and "inferior" exynos processor. Now that sammy has addressed bot the issues , and to my eyes the best phone in the market, people are still complaining. I read somewhere...
  8. LegendKiller

    Best internet dongle for NCR

    i am in ghaziabad and the plan rate is too high
  9. LegendKiller

    Best internet dongle for NCR

    I recently bought a new laptop for both my work and home purpose and i want to buy a internet dongle. I live in Ghaziabad and my office in CP New Delhi I was not happy with my tata docomo dongle as it's speed was poor. Please tell the cost and best connection speed.
  10. LegendKiller

    The big question : S5 or Z2 or M8?

    Ok. thanks. Like i said my initial two options were either z2 or m8. M8 is universally regarded as best android phone right now if only for the screen(which i will check out on another shop). With z2 the problem is build issue......Galaxy S5 is super duper phone but i will buy it only as last...
  11. LegendKiller

    ** Post all your BSNL Broadband Related Queries Here **

    i am living in indirapuram, ghaziabad and am looking for a wifi connection. does anyone have any experience regarding bsnl wifi and how reliable it is?
  12. LegendKiller

    The big question : S5 or Z2 or M8?

    Thanks. actually if it hadn't been for construction issues with z2, i would have bought z2 a week back. Yes, with s5's price so far below m8 and is a very tempting choice. 123hero, actually i have checked m8 on 2 stores and w.r.t z2 and s5 the screen looks a bit washed out. Now...
  13. LegendKiller

    The big question : S5 or Z2 or M8?

    I always wanted to buy a flagship phone and this time around i have saved enough for it. The problem is that this time there is no 1 clear winner. I would like to buy the z2 but with the reports of it over-heating and construction issues, i am having second thoughts....There are youtube reviews...
  14. LegendKiller

    Samsung galaxy s5 flipkart TOO MUCH NEGATIVE

    s5 is the best phone on the market along with note-3. these people need to find an excuse to complain..............whether it's bloatware complaint or build issue....
  15. LegendKiller

    Samsung Galaxy S5 discussion thread

    i really find it funny when people start complaining about sammy phones being "ugly plastic". lolz as if all those classy looking devices don't de-grade and also it's not the plastic which is used for buying grocery. it's durable, looks good and it's much better to have a phone with removable...
  16. LegendKiller

    Samsung unveils Galaxy S5 with 5.1-inch screen

    well people panning s5 for "lack of innovation" can please tell me what revolution nokia/sony/htc is bringing to the table this year or last year? S3 was a real deal-breaker and it is nearly impossible to change the best. Any successor can only be minor increment as far design or hardware specs...
  17. LegendKiller

    Google Nexus 4 Thread

    guys thinking of buying nexus 4 over s3. people on the net complaining about 1. over heating and subsequent breaking of back glass cover 2. washed out colors as compared to s3 please advice.
  18. LegendKiller

    Lumia 520 : Discussion thread

    ok, thanks for the help. it worked well on my laptop and i used NSU to download and install that pre-amber update which was a whopping 1.25gb download.
  19. LegendKiller

    Lumia 520 : Discussion thread

    can anybody tell me how to connect l520 to pc? i own a android and never had any problems connecting to the pc. but neither the windows phone app nor the ovi suite detect l520. Also is there any way i could update to amber via pc?
  20. LegendKiller

    Xperia L/SP thread

    ok, thanks
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