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  1. rahul2002

    IBM referral

    Hi, is there anyone here whose an IBM employee???? can anyone help me to get referral for their freshers recruitment drive???? my e-mail id: :cry::cry:
  2. rahul2002

    Lenovo Y570

    Saw the lenovo y570 review in this months digit issue:mrgreen: Confg: i7-2630qm 6gb ddr3 750gb hdd gt 555m 15.6 inch led 1366x768 2xusb 3.0, vga, esata, hdmi, wifi , ethernet , bluetooth price: 49,999/- Any idea ifthis is yet available in india??? didnt find anywhere....:-(
  3. rahul2002

    Confused between HP envy 15 and Asus N55sf

    whats the price of HP envy 15????
  4. rahul2002

    Laptop under 65k

    ^^ actually there is only one model of n55sf available in india . It is a full hd lappie and GT 555M graphics card.....
  5. rahul2002

    samsung galaxy tab for 15k on there a catch

    Maybe its a parting gift from letsbuy before it comes under flipkart!!! :grin::grin:
  6. rahul2002

    Need a gaming laptop under 65k

    Re: Need a gaming laptop under 65000k n55sf is the best choice!!!! full hd,gt 555m.....etc and many other options!!!!
  7. rahul2002

    Post your latest Purchase

    ^^ prices have gone up drastically due to thailand flood!!
  8. rahul2002

    Dekll vostro

    i spoke with dell. They sell only pre configured machines, not according to the customization of the customer. Now, dell india site is the place where the vostro 3750 ia available with i5. In USA ony i3 is available. However in they are showing that an i7 version is available...
  9. rahul2002

    Dekll vostro

    Hi, I want to buy the dell vostro 3750 with the i7 2630qm processor. Can anyone tell me where i can buy it???
  10. rahul2002

    the HP dv6-6017tx, 6121tx, 6140tx and dv6-6165tx thread

    u knw guys...the more i am reading abt the dv6-6165tx the more i am falling in love with it!!!
  11. rahul2002

    I want to buy asus n55sf

    ^^^ does it have the same specs as mailshobbom mentioned??? where id the asus store???
  12. rahul2002

    Planning to buy MSI GT683 need suggestions

    the asus one!!!
  13. rahul2002

    Planning to buy MSI GT683 need suggestions

    ^^^ i am also planning on buying this model!!!! please upload some pics when u buy it....
  14. rahul2002

    Msi ge620dx

    ^^^ exactly what i am talking about!!! i mean why is it that the indian version has been scaled down!!!
  15. rahul2002

    Msi ge620dx

    I am considering buying a gaming laptop and one of my choice is the MSI GE620DX MSI GE620DX Gaming Series GE620DX Laptop: Compare, Review MSI Notebook However one question i have is the this model internationally has i7 cpu and full hd display. Then, why are those specs not...
  16. rahul2002

    dell xps 15 buying help n suggestions

    check out this video.. Dell XPS 15 L501x vs Studio XPS 1645 comparing HD video, sound & battery - YouTube
  17. rahul2002

    Dell xps 15 (customized) l502x

    actually i have quite made up my mind on buying the dell xps 15. The only confusion i am having is the screen. I have read posts that the 1366 x 768 led screen of dell is not that good. So i wanted to know how good is it visually while watching movies????
  18. rahul2002

    the Asus K53SV - SX521V and SX521D thread

    can u provide a sample of movie playback??? want to see ho w good it is in 1366 x 768 resolution...
  19. rahul2002

    Dell xps 15 (customized) l502x

    How is the movie playback quality in this lappie???/ can u provide a sample????
  20. rahul2002

    AMD Bulldozer News and Discussion

    now the main question is that is it worth buying with ivy bridge around the corner??? price of fx 8150 seems to be on the higher side, but with AMD i know it will fall!!! but intel cpus price dont tend to fall that easily!!
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