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  1. himangshu

    Nokia N8 Battery query

    Yes, the battery is non removable. Removing the battery by yourself will void the warranty. After Anna update hanging issue has reduced drastically. You can go ahead with N8 if you don't care about the OS.
  2. himangshu

    Mobiles you have owned

    Ya, I got the 6303c instead as replacement. :razz:
  3. himangshu

    Buying a Laptop for 36k!! PLZ HELP!!

    You can checkout the Acer Aspire 5830TG. Its a good laptop with 15.6'' screen, i5 2410 proccy 3GB RAM and GT540 GFX card. But you will have to up your budget a bit to 40,990. It comes installed with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.
  4. himangshu

    Mobiles you have owned

    The police managed to catch the thief the day after the phone was stolen. I gave the phone to Nokia Care. But the phone was beyond repair.
  5. himangshu

    Mobiles you have owned

    March 2009-October 2009:- Nokia 5130 Xpress Music. It got stolen on September and again recovered the next day. But the device was badly abused. Lasted for another 2 months. November 2009-Present:- Nokia 6303 Classic. Still using it but LCD is severly damaged. September 2011-Present:-...
  6. himangshu

    Stratched or broken screen?

    Hmm, it seems the glass that protects the display is broken. The display seems fine to me. It would have turned black otherwise, just like Sam said. :)
  7. himangshu

    Max Payne 3

    re: Max Payne 3 The screenshots looks good. Hope the gameplay is also good as well.
  8. himangshu

    What did you buy today ?

    Bought a Timex Expedition wrist watch. Price Rs.2,300
  9. himangshu

    Best phone for 14000-15000

    My recommendation is Nokia C6-01. Iam also going to buy it after a few days.
  10. himangshu

    Suggestion for a mobile phone under Rs.13,000.

    Is there any Sony Ericsson phone in my budget??
  11. himangshu

    Help needed!! A phone around 15000

    Hi, If if you can live with Symbian then you can get C6-01 for 13.3k or if you want Android phones then get either Samsung Galaxy Ace(14.5K) or Motorola Defy(15K)
  12. himangshu

    Suggestion for a mobile phone under Rs.13,000.

    Thank you all for your suggestions. I am deciding to get Nokia C6-01 as Adobe Flash is not that important.
  13. himangshu

    Suggestion for a mobile phone under Rs.13,000.

    Hi guys returning here after a long time to start a thread for Suggestion of a new mobile phone. :) 1. Budget? -> Rs.12,000. 2. Display type and size? -> The largest size possible for my budget. Resolution should be good to read small text. 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? -> Any. 4...
  14. himangshu

    Mumbai auto

    Well here in Tinsukia, Dibrugarh, Sibsagar(Assam) if you raise your hand or shout "", they stop directly even if it is fully loaded with passengers.. Asks where you want to go and take you there. I have only went short distances in an Auto and they charge Rs.5 for one passenger and 10...
  15. himangshu

    Musicians Corner V1: Cover Band Edition

    same here....... :cry:
  16. himangshu

    [BUYING] Speakers 2.1

    Yes Altec Lansing VS2621 is the best speaker under 2k. with great bass and sound quality!
  17. himangshu

    The Photography Thread

    1st pic: Ya I know that the dog's tail is missing but the dog ran away after taking the pic so couldn't take another pic. 3rd pic: I took the picture of morning fog. 4th pic: I took the picture of the Buffaloes grazing in the field.
  18. himangshu

    The Photography Thread

    Nice pics Tenida........ :) Some more pics from my Kodak M575
  19. himangshu


    ^^ welcome to TDF
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    It was said by Ico
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