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  1. dude_gamer

    I want to buy a new laptop?

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 28K - 33K. 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen. 3) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook? Entertainment & College Projects. 5) Any typical configuration in...
  2. dude_gamer

    Buying Second hand HP pavillian dv1000

    Posting Behalf of my friend: Any suggestion Guys My friend is getting Hp pavilion dv 1000 @2500-3000 INR. 4 Years Old Laptop & minor screens scratched :(
  3. dude_gamer

    How to save/copy/download swf pages of e-book

    Try HTTrack Website Copier software. Download link
  4. dude_gamer

    Software to rotate videos.

    VLC Media player or windows movie maker help you to rotate video.
  5. dude_gamer

    software downlosd youtube videos as 3gp,mp4 etc

    YouTube Downloader.
  6. dude_gamer

    Black screen bios corrupted?

    ^^ Click on Below link which contain information how to reset your BIOS. Reset BIOS
  7. dude_gamer

    Vertical Lines on display

    Zotac Provide 5 Years warranty. 2 Year Warranty from Supplier with Additional 3 Years after Registering with Zotac.(Product must be registered within 14 days of purchase). Zotac service center in Pune Zotac service center in Mumbai
  8. dude_gamer

    Dual Sim Stand By - Below Rs.2000

    @OP: Go with Nokia X1-01 with Dual Sim Stand By.
  9. dude_gamer

    Power Searching With Google

    @krishnandu.sarkar:Thanks for Sharing but i am too late:-x its closed now:-( whenever this course restart inform us here :-)
  10. dude_gamer

    Resume not working

    @OP: Have you done virus scan & Ccleaner to clean dump files,registry clean? If problem still not solved & you do not want to reinstall OS then repair it.(give a try if repair works).
  11. dude_gamer

    Software that will protect pics uploaded on the net from being copied

    Yes the newbie may be don't know how to copy that but there are lots of way to copying it. By Mozilla Add-on method: Trick
  12. dude_gamer

    Facebook notifications problem....!!

    First go to Notification Setting. (click the pop down menu beside the Home ---> click on Account Setting & finally click on Notification which is at left hand site). If Email frequency is checked then unchecked it. Now in all notification area you will find various sections like...
  13. dude_gamer

    LIMBO Review

    i already completed game. :) i had taken 440 screenshots :shock:, BTW deleted some pics now its around 146. (actually my cousin is 8 years old so he want walkthrough to solve puzzles sometime)
  14. dude_gamer

    Jpg file copier/downloader from a url

    ^^ Download EZ Save Flash software. Download link its internet explorer Addon.install it on internet explorer & restart the browser. open the site from where you have to download flash content. go to upper left corner of that site where you will find "flash" icon appeared. now click on that...
  15. dude_gamer

    Software that will protect pics uploaded on the net from being copied

    Simply NO. :-( There no software which protect your images. yes there is some copyright setting available in image sharing sites like Flickr,Picasa etc but no Use. Because windows 7 tools i.e snipping tools or screen capture software or downthemall addon of mozilla firefox(refer:link)
  16. dude_gamer

    Jpg file copier/downloader from a url

    @OP: If you are using Mozilla Firefox then install DownThemAll Add-on. DownThemAll link Steps: After installing add-on restart browser & go to that Magazine site from where you want to download images. Right click on the page and choose "DownTHEMall" from the pop up menu.(don't click on...
  17. dude_gamer

    Download songs from

    works perfectly for me as well:-D but one file download at a time :-(
  18. dude_gamer

    Download songs from

    Nice Share.
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