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    Best laptop for 55k for Photo editing

    Questionnaire for laptop/notebook purchase: Please fill the following before asking any query in this section of forum. NEVER post any half baked query like "I need a gaming laptop thanks; I want best laptop available in India, etc" 1) What is your budget? (INR - 55k max 2) What size &...
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    Best laptop for 55k for Photo editing

    Hello, I have a budget of 55k and need to buy a laptop for Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC. Can you help me find one. Thanks, Mandar
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    Online website for photo editing

    I wish to do some editing for my personal photos of Rajasthan trip. I wish to stitch few landscape photos . But I am not able to do so in photoshop.Please help me with.
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    Online website for photo editing

    Hello friends, Is there any website which offer online photo editing of pictures in Photoshop/Lightroom ? Regards, Mandar
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    Bluetooth Earphones/headphones for gym purpose

    Hi, I need a good bassy bluetooth head/ear phones in 2k range (Mic not a requirement) for primarily working out. Please suggest me one. Thanks and regards, Mandar
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    Monopod for DSLR

    Suyogp how much the head and monopod costs?
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    Monopod for DSLR

    Hi friends, I need a monopod which is quite sturdy for Semi pro DSLR body and pro lens. It should be tall (5Ft) when expanded.and not too heavy and within 2k price. Regards, Mandar
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    Help needed urgently

    I am using External USB cable which is connected from motherboard to connect the card reader .
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    SD Card Data Recovery

    Hi Guys my Lexar SD card got corrupted yesterday. It shows 10gb used in My Computer . But when i open the folders theres only 3gb data displayed. Please help me recover the pics which are very very very important. Regards, Mandar
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    Help needed urgently

    Hi guys I own i5 based pc and I have faced a problem twice in last month. Whenever I connect memory card via a card reader , amidst the data transfer the card reader loses connectivity and show error message your card needs to be formatted to proceed. This has occured twice, I changed my card...
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    RROD Issue

    Hello Guys, I purchased x360 from Dubai 2 years back. It just stopped working last week and see red ring. What are the options available for me?I think I have misplaced my Bill. Regards, Mandar.
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    Xbox 360 help needed

    Hi guys planning to buy the xbox 360 preferably 250 gb version. Please let me know should i wait till diwali so as MS may come up with Holiday bundle or should i get it right away? SD has 250gb with 3 games without Kinect for 21k. Regards, Mandar
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    S3 Battery Issues

    Hi guys I own six month old S3,of late whenever i charge it it does show the battery is charging but it doesnot charge actually;then I unplug my mobile in switch on and replug it and then it charges.Please let me know what could be the reason for this. Regards, Mandar.
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    water in dslr.. help needed

    Hi guys i went to an ill fated trek yesterday n water has entered my nikon d7100. the optical viewfinder has become foggy n pics clicked are also foggy.. :( pls help me what to do now.. i have removed lens n kept them both in airtight container with silca gel crystals. pls tell me can i claim...
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    Bluetooth headphones for 1.5k

    Hi people pls suggest good bluetooth earphones for Nokia x6. Regards, Mandar
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    PS3 Sound output query!

    Hi guys i have hooked my ps3 to my pc monitor thru hdmi..i want to know how can i get sound output through my 2.1 pc speakers? Thanks and regards, mandar.
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    Car audio video set up guidance required!

    thanks a ton brother.... :)
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    Car audio video set up guidance required!

    Hi guys I wish to gift my cousin car audio video entertainment system who owns an 2002 model of scorpio.I know he owns a decent speaker and amplifier system in car, and he is planning to get video display in car.Please help me get one in budget of 15k. Thanks.
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    Urgent: Old PS3 slim 320 GB or New Slimmer 500 GB?

    Hi guys..wish u all Happy childrens day and Happy Diwali.. I am going to buy one of these today .pls help me in selecting one.I have dealer near my place who can arrange 320 gb for me .Is it worth the money or should i go with 500gb with 2 games free version of ps3?Pls reply asap guys going in...
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    Is Xbox 360 4 gb worth investing?

    Hi guys I wish to get the 4gb lower version of xbox 360 soon..Is 4gb more than enough for smooth functioning of games? I will buy ps3 one day but not now for 4 months atleast..pls reply... Thanks..
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