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  1. hafees

    Is N73ME Worth Buying???

    I bought N73 from Dubai when in Kerala it was priced 25000. It was almost 3000 Rs less. So I suggest buying from Dubai. It is one of the best phone Nokia ever produced. (Except the phone being a little slow). Has a very good screen, one of the best camera (along with K790). The only still camera...
  2. hafees

    [Preview + Feedback] Digit October 2006

    I liked the contents of magazine but DVD is not very useful. i think you should upgrade your dvd to dual layer. and hopefully it should packed with free online videos, pictures, mobile themes, ring tones, etc etc
  3. hafees

    how to block image copying from html page..

    If a person is determined to save an image from the web page, no one can restrict him. But these three methods can be used to restrict a casual user from saving images. 1. Disabling the right click button : by using the oncontextmenu eg: <body oncontextmenu="return false;"> .(It does nt...
  4. hafees

    Xp + Vista?

    You dont need to format any partition. As an NTFS partition is recommended for Vista, just convert one of your FAT32 partition to NTFS using Convert command - only if you dont have one. (here is one tutorial for doing that - * As long as a writable primary...
  5. hafees

    doesnt any1 knw about "far" pointers in C??

    you're right tuxfan. :) Remember the Segment:Offset address methods? :) normal pointer can only refer offset locations i.e where the code block of the pgm. For referring memory outside that segment we need a far or huge pointer.
  6. hafees

    Help me build a PC

    I think it is better to wait for one month. Because Intel's Conroe (Core 2 Duo) has hit the market. within a month it will be available from your local dealer and it outperforms a similar AMD X2. At present I think, this is a good configuration - you can sacrifice the graphics card with a...
  7. hafees

    RAR Files

    try powerarchiver, it supports almost all compression formats including rar, zip, ace etc
  8. hafees

    which is the best way to switch off computer

    just press the power button on the PC. (i have configured it to hibernate, when power button is pressed)
  9. hafees

    [Preview + Feedback] Digit August 2006

    The fast track is good. But the CD/DVD contents are not very interesting to me. And no PDF version of either fast track or magazine. :(
  10. hafees

    20" wide screen lcd panels price?

    Read the review of the Samsung 940BW at CNET. It is not very impressive. * But the read review of Viewsonic VX2025wm. It is the recommended product by CNET...
  11. hafees

    20" wide screen lcd panels price?

    Hi! I want to know the price of 20" wide screen lcd panel in general. I am very impressed with Viewsonic VX2025wm. But is this product available in India? Pls tell me the price and whom to contact. If anyone has used it before, pls tell me whether its worth investing? Thnx
  12. hafees

    Dish TV DTH Problem

    Hi! I purchased the Dish TV DTH one week ago. In the site they said that, with the purchase, i ll get pre activated viewing card (VC). But the local dealer told me that it will take two days to activate the pay channels. Now even after 10 days, i am still stuck with only the free (DD...
  13. hafees

    Ghost~Instals WinXP in 3 mins

    It is not at all flexible as Backup. It can create clones of any partitions, say linux partition , etc. Also very powerful. Can be used to restore OSes such as Windows, Linux etc
  14. hafees

    How 2 convert avseq.dat files to mpeg/rm/avi???

    you can use virtual dub ( a free open source utility) to encode mpeg files to divx or other mpeg4 compression provided the proper codec installed. For divx install DivX Create Bundle or for XVid install XVid codec. THese are standard mpeg4 codecs and can be playable in most DVD/DivX players. You...
  15. hafees

    [By Demand] Digit July 2006 DVD/CD

    PhotoImpact 11 additional downloadable content. Pls provide them because it is of huge download size.
  16. hafees

    Nokia 6630 or Sony Ericsson K750i

    What about the Samsung D600? It has EDGE, 320X240 256k Colors, etc. Also if i extend my budget to around 25K which phone is the best. Pls advice
  17. hafees

    How to remove unwanted fonts?

    have a look at *
  18. hafees

    How can we burn DVD with MPG files

    If your player supports DivX video, then you can even compress your mpeg files. And you can write 4 near dvd quality movies or 6or7 VCD quality movies in one DVD.
  19. hafees

    bootable recovery CD ?

    I think they do not support Bootable CD. Norton Ghost is best if you can afford it.
  20. hafees

    4 x 256 or 2 x 512??

    For dual channel support you need to install memory in pairs. Check whether ur motherboard supports Dual channel memory and if yes, go for 512 X2. There is no reason to buy 4 X 256. definitely 512 X 2 will be faster & efficient than 256 X 4. We also need to consider the power consumption of 4...
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